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Dec 2021

A University of Regina study found that workers’ compensation boards accepted 271,806 claims for lost time due to injury in 2019. The majority of these claims came from Quebec, with 82,821. The most injury-related deaths occurred in Alberta, with 85, while the highest number of occupational disease deaths occurred in Ontario, with 226.


The report also notes increases in lost time from injuries that deserve further investigation. Canada has seen a decrease in the rate of lost time injury as a whole, and this trend has been going on for decades. Yet in several jurisdictions that have historically had low rates of lost time due to injury, those numbers are now beginning to climb. As an example, four provinces with over 100,000 workers – Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador – reported higher injury rates in 2019. (1)


Helping Businesses Reduce Risk and Save Costs


Since workplace injuries are costly, most companies realize the importance of maintaining a safe workplace. A safe and healthy workplace can lower insurance premiums, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity.


Health and safety consultants are professionals who provide advice and guidance to employers and organizations. A health and safety consultant’s job is to assist organizations to reduce health and safety risks in the workplace and to provide best practice consultancy to manage the process more efficiently. Consultants in occupational health and safety use a results-based approach to health and safety. They emphasize building self-reliance and integrating health and safety practices into the companies they serve.


The following are just a few examples of potential on-site services:

● Developing a basic health and safety program

● Providing health and safety information

● Facilitating solutions and identifying problems

● Identifying training needs

● Conducting indoor air quality tests, noise sampling, and respirator fit testing

● Offering consulting services, such as Workplace Violence and Harassment Program Development and Workplace Violence and Harassment Risk Assessment

● Safety evaluation of equipment (such as lift trucks, aerial work platforms, overhead cranes, hoists, and rigging)

What Could Go Wrong


For health and safety consultants, the right kind of insurance is crucial, but many consultancies and freelancers are not adequately insured. They are then vulnerable to a lawsuit for negligence if a client is dissatisfied.


For example:

● A client misunderstands or misapplies a consultant’s risk management recommendations, resulting in fines or losses for the client that force them to engage a lawyer to respond to the lawsuit

● The consulting firm misses an inspection due to a scheduling error, delaying the opening of a commercial project and causing revenue to be lost

● As a result of a misunderstanding during fact-finding, the consultant makes incorrect recommendations

● Due to a calculation error, the consultant’s safety plan is not compliant with regulations

Even if they are not found to be liable, a lawsuit could harm their reputation and cost them time and money.


Offering the Most Comprehensive Insurance Policy for Occupational Health and Safety Consultants


An errors and omissions (E&O) / Professional Liability policy can cover legal fees, defence costs, out-of-court settlements, damages, and other additional costs awarded by a court or tribunal.


An added advantage of specialized Professional Liability is that it covers all markets within the broader consulting sector, including:

● Strategic management

● Operations management

● Industrial engineering

● Architecture

● Industrial/Organizational psychology

● Industrial psychology

● Organizational psychology

● Organizational development

● Project Management

About SWG PL Miscellaneous


SWG PL – Miscellaneous Professional Liability insurance offers a packaged E&O and CGL policy that covers a wide range of classes of business. Tailored E&O coverage protects small to large firms from a broad range of miscellaneous risks. SWG provides a Miscellaneous PL policy at competitive rates, bringing extensive knowledge and underwriting experience in professional liability.


Who We Cover:

Includes but is not limited to the list below. Contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for.

● Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Tax Preparation

● Business Consultants

● Collection Agencies

● Travel Agents

● Employment Agencies

● Event Planners

● Interior Designers

● Leasing Agents

● Management Consultants

● Translators

● Utility Locators

● Paralegal Offices

● Occupational Health and Safety Consultants

● And many more

More details are available on our product page at https://swgins.com/product/miscellaneous.html.


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1. https://www.ohscanada.com/features/far-from-perfect-report-reveals-latest-on-work-fatalities-injuries/