About South Western

South Western Insurance Group is a leading Managing General Agent (MGA) that offers a diverse range of insurance solutions for specialty, niche, program, and hard-to-place businesses. With a proud history dating back to 1961, we have been providing exceptional expertise in underwriting to independent insurance brokers across Canada.

At South Western Insurance Group, we have established a reputation for excellence in underwriting, risk management, and customer service. We continually refine our business practices, consistently aiming for the utmost level of service that you associate with our company. Through the utilization of electronic delivery systems and paperless file management, we have significantly reduced document delivery time, enabling us to promptly address broker requirements. This empowers brokers to serve their clients more efficiently and expand their business opportunities.

Our operations at South Western Insurance Group are supported by comprehensive Errors & Omissions and Fidelity insurance. We exclusively engage with stable, well-established markets that are licensed in Canada, encompassing both domestic and foreign options, such as Lloyd’s of London.

It is important to note that South Western Insurance Group does not function as a direct insurer. Our insurance products can be obtained by consulting a licensed insurance broker.

Since our inception in 1961, we have taken great pride in delivering unparalleled underwriting expertise to independent insurance brokers throughout Canada.

Placing Business With Intermediaries

Intermediaries, often in the form of managing general agencies (MGAs), underwriting managers, or wholesalers, provide a wide array of products and markets to insurance brokers and agents.

Many challenges faced by brokers arise when intermediaries utilize unlicensed or offshore markets to underwrite business that could be placed within the regular domestic market.

When working with an intermediary, it is of utmost importance to:

1. Ensure the intermediary maintains Errors and Omissions insurance and Fidelity Insurance with a recognized, licensed Canadian Insurer, offering substantial coverage limits.

2. Verify the markets represented by the intermediary. Our list of markets is available on our website. Reputable, well-known, and licensed Canadian insurers demonstrate the credibility and strength of the intermediary.

3. Exercise caution when an intermediary employs non-admitted or unlicensed markets, especially for general business. Your Errors & Omissions coverage may not protect you when utilizing an unlicensed market.

4. Insist on utilizing only licensed markets for your business.

Throughout our more than 60-year history in the insurance industry, South Western Insurance Group has never utilized an unlicensed market. We take pride in providing the insuring public, through our brokers, with the assurance of protection backed by solid, stable, and licensed insurers.

South Western Insurance Group maintains substantial Errors and Omissions limits and Fidelity Bond coverage for all staff members.


As we have done in the past, our mission remains focused on expansion and serving the insurance industry nationwide.

Our Competitive Strengths encompass:

  • Financially Sound Company
  • Financial Protection for our Brokers
  • Diversified Product Mix
  • Expertise in Specialty Products
  • Deep Knowledge of Company Target Classes
  • Operating solely as an intermediary

South Western Insurance Group will continue to be responsive to the needs and requests of independent brokers and agents, while meeting our company’s expectations of profitable underwriting.

In envisioning the future of the Independent Agent/Broker, South Western Insurance Group believes in forming strategic alliances with high-quality intermediaries possessing solid business foundations. This enables brokers to gain expedient access to markets and products not readily available through their contracted companies.

With our strategically located offices and comprehensive product line, we stand as the premier intermediary, conducting business with over 3,000 brokers across Canada.