5 Star MGASouth Western Group is a Wholesale Insurance Intermediary/Managing General Agent offering a broad range of insurance solutions for specialty, niche, program and hard-to-place business.  Since 1961 we have proudly provided underwriting expertise to independent insurance brokers across Canada.

We have earned a reputation for excellence in underwriting, risk management and customer service.  We are continuously perfecting the way we do business and are satisfied with nothing less than the absolute highest level of service you have come to associate with South Western Group.  Using electronic delivery systems and paperless file management we have been able to significantly reduce document delivery time as well as more quickly respond to broker needs.  This gives brokers the ability to service their clients faster and increase their business.

South Western Group is solidly backed by Errors & Omissions and Fidelity insurance and we transact exclusively with stable, well-established markets that are licensed in Canada, both foreign and domestic, including Lloyd’s of London.

South Western Group is not a direct insurer and our products may be obtained by speaking with a licensed insurance broker.

Placing Business with Intermediaries

Intermediaries are generally managing general agencies (MGAs), underwriting managers, or wholesalers, and offer a variety of products and markets to the insurance broker/agent.

The majority of problems encountered by brokers arise when the intermediary utilizes unlicensed or offshore markets to write business that could be placed in the normal domestic market.

When Dealing with an intermediary it is of utmost importance to:

  • Ensure the intermediary carries Errors and Omissions Insurance and Fidelity Insurance with a recognized, licensed Canadian Insurer for substantial limits.
  • Check on the markets they represent. Our markets are listed on this website. Solid, well-known, and Canadian licensed Insurers will indicate credibility and strength of the intermediary.
  • Be extremely careful if an intermediary is using non-admitted or unlicensed markets, particularly for business of a general nature. Your E & O may not cover you for using an unlicensed market.
  • Insist on only licensed markets being used for your business.

South Western Group has been established in the insurance industry for more than 40 years and has never used a market that was not licensed in Canada. We take pride in saying that the protection we offer to the insuring public, through you, our brokers, is backed by solid, stable and licensed insurers.

South Western Group carries substantial Errors and Omissions limits and Fidelity Bond coverage on all staff.


  • As in the past, our mandate is to continue to expand, and serve the insurance industry from coast to coast.
  • Our Competitive Strengths are:
    • Financially Sound Company
    • Financial Protection for our Brokers
    • Diversified Product Mix
    • Expertise in Specialty Products
    • Knowledge of Company Target Classes
    • Serving the industry only as an intermediary
  • South Western Group will continue to respond to the needs and requests of independent brokers and agents, while at the same time meeting our Companies expectations of profitable underwriting.
  • South Western Group feels the future of the Independent Agent/Broker includes the forming of a strategic alliance with a quality intermediary with a solid business foundation.  This allows the broker quick access to markets and products not readily available through their contracted companies.
  • With our strategically located offices, and our varied product line, we are the premier intermediary, conducting business with more than 3000 brokers in Canada.