South Western’s Collection of Specialty Products is Growing – But They Haven’t Abandoned Their Roots!

Oct 2018

South Western Insurance Group Limited’s reputation as the go-to source for specialty products is growing. But despite their niche capability inside classes and segments ranging from security services to hospitality to pollution, the company remains true to its roots as a multi-line entity – one that writes a broad scope of commercial property, general liability, and professional liability risks. “We definitely want to be our brokers’ one-stop shop for a variety of insurance needs,” says Toronto Branch Manager Ghazal Hamid. But as his firm continues to communicate with its broker channel in an increasingly specialized way, there is concern that the breadth of what the company can do may get lost in translation. “Finding the specific solution a client needs – that is what we do,” Hamid states. “But we want our brokers to remember that behind the multitude of niche coverages we offer stands our proven ability to fill in all the gaps with the solid coverages our company has done so well, for so long.” South Western Insurance Group Limited has been providing underwriting expertise to independent Canadian insurance brokers since 1961. And despite their unique collection of specialty products, Hamid makes it clear that the company is still there to meet its brokers’ “meat and potatoes” insurance line needs. “We have a broad risk appetite that complements and supplements our brokers’ standard market relationships. We have not shut down our core business – we continue to offer a good range of both domestic and Lloyd’s-based capacity.” In fact, says Hamid, the company maintains firm ties with other domestic insurers in various markets, nurturing associations underlined by strong, focused product distribution and underwriting relationships. South Western Insurance Group Limited takes pride in the fact that they have always been backed by solid, stable, and licensed insurers. It is just one of many reasons why they are so adept at providing property and liability coverages for complex placements in higher risk categories. “And when a broker does come to us for something like professional liability they cannot get anywhere else,” Hamid adds, “we can provide all the subsequent coverages they might need as well. They do not have to go elsewhere for their GL, their property, their crime or legal expense coverage – we do all that here.” But whether it involves the high-volume commercial risk classes his company is known for, Hamid says, or a small synagogue requiring coverage through South Western Insurance Group Limited’s specialized Faith program, “we treat all insurance segments with the same level of care, communication, and attention to detail.”