“Meat and Potatoes” Still Make Up the Core of SWG’s Coverage

Feb 2022

For independent brokers, there are multiple benefits to working with a managing general agent (MGA) in today’s hard market. As insurance markets become more challenging and drive insurers away from riskier classes of business, MGAs are in a prime position to pick up the slack. But South Western Group Limited (SWG) wants brokers to know that it understands the fundamentals of insurance as well.

A growing reputation has made SWG the go-to source for specialty products. The company writes a broad range of commercial property, general liability, and professional liability risks, from security services to health care and pollution. Although brokers rely on SWG for a variety of specialized insurance needs, the company’s greatest strength lies in its track record of providing solid core coverage to fill in any gaps.

Cultivating strong relationships to better serve brokers

While the company offers a variety of specialty products, it is still there to serve its brokerage firms’ “meat and potatoes” insurance needs. SWG continues to offer a good range of capacity both domestically and through Lloyd’s of London, a broad risk appetite that complements and supplements the market relationships of its brokers. In fact, SWG cultivates strong, focused product distribution and underwriting relationships with other domestic insurers in a number of markets.

Backed by experienced insurers

Insurers backing South Western Insurance Group Limited have always been strong, stable, and licensed. That’s just one reason it’s so adept at providing property and liability coverage for complex placements in higher-risk categories.

When a broker comes to SWG for something like professional liability they cannot get anywhere else, it can provide all the subsequent coverages they may need as well. SWG handles their general liability, property, crime, and legal expense coverage, so they don’t need to look elsewhere.

The same care, communication, and attention are given to all insurance segments, whether the risk is a high-volume commercial account or a small synagogue requiring coverage from a Faith insurance program.

Increasing coverage since 1961

In 1961, SWG began providing underwriting services as a one-person operation with one contract in Southwestern Ontario. The company has grown into a thriving MGA, offering insurance solutions for a wide range of niche, program, and hard-to-place businesses.

The year 2021 marks SWG’s 60th year in business, making it one of the country’s longest-standing and most respected managing general agents (MGAs). In recognition of this achievement, SWG has been named a five-star MGA by Insurance Business Canada.

SWG has evolved and innovated over the past six decades, but its commitment remains the same: meeting brokers’ core insurance needs and doing it well.

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