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SWG Property

Commercial Property Insurance

SWG PROPERTY – Commercial Property is designed to cover hard-to-place property accounts. We can accommodate most realty-type risks, from stand-alone rentals and vacant dwellings to large commercial risks, with an in-house capacity of up to $7,000,000.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Broad Form or Named Perils
  • Replacement Cost
  • ACV
  • Dependent on individual risk, age, construction, occupancy and town grade

Other Coverages Include:

  • Business Interruption, Rental Income, 18/24 Month Indemnity
  • Flood, Quake, Sewer Backup
  • Crime – including Employee Dishonesty & Broad Form Money & Securities
  • Mechanical Breakdown

 Packages EXTENSION:

  • Personal Property of Officers and Employees
  • Growing Plants, Trees, Shrubs or Flowers in the Open; Limited to $1,000 per plant
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Stock Spoilage
  • Building By-Laws
  • Inflation Protection
  • Exhibition Coverage
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System Recharge Expense
  • Brands and Labels
  • Fire Fighting Expenses
  • New Acquired Locations (30 Days), buiding, equipment and stock (contents)
  • Debris Removal
  • Peak Season Increase
  • Contents Off Premises in the custody of Sales Representatives
  • Land and Water Pollution Clean Up Expense (Annual Aggregate)
  • Building Damage by Theft
  • Extra Expense
  • Valuable Papers
  • Off Premises Services Interruption
  • Electronic Data Processing Equipment and Media
  • Systems Breakdown Coverage
  • Fine Arts
  • Installation Floater
  • Professional Fees
  • Exterior Building Glass
  • Signs
  • Master Key


Most realty type risks are written on a “Premises” type form but full CGLs including Tenant’s Legal Liability are available.

Our Coverage:

Includes but is not limited to the list below. Contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for.

  • Rented Dwellings
  • Retail Stores
  • Rooming Houses
  • Strip Plazas
  • Student Housing
  • Vacant Property




Commercial General Liability

SWG CGL – Commercial General Liability insurance is designed to protect businesses against lawsuits stemming from injury or property damage caused by their products or services. As careful as you might be, there are unforeseen events that can happen to every business. Protect your hard work with a policy that fits your needs.

Whether you are a store owner, office professional or wholesaler, commercial general liability insurance coverages can be customized to protect you against the unique risks and exposures you face.

Our Commercial General Liability policy protects your business from financial loss should you be liable for property damage or personal, bodily, and advertising injury caused by your products, services, business operations or your employees. It covers non-professional negligent acts for which you might become responsible.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Cross liability
  • Contingent employer’s liability
  • Product and Completed Operations coverage (Broad Form)
  • Most policies are on an occurrence form; however, we may offer a claim made option instead
  • Our policies can offer enhancement coverage to include: Faulty Workmanship, Product Recall coverage, Employee Benefit, Employer’s Comprehensive Bodily Injury Liability, Sub-limits for Errors & Omissions, as well as Manufacturer’s E&O and Employment Practices Liability
  • Limits up to $10,000,000
  • Deductibles start at $1,000 and can be customized to the size of the business or type of operation
  • Coverage can be provided for sales Worldwide including U.S., but turnover limitations for U.S may apply.

Our Coverage:

Includes but is not limited to the list below. Contact us if you do not see what you are looking for.

  • Landscapers/Gardeners
  • Snow Removal
  • Pet Care and Product Sales
  • Antique Markets
  • Farmers Markets
  • Natural Beauty Product Sales
  • Beauticians /Barber Shops
  • Processors
  • Recycling and Sanitation
  • Remediation
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Licensed Restaurants




Professional Liability

SWG PL – Professional Liability insurance offers a combined E&O and CGL that protects advice and service-providing professionals, and firms in a wide range of industries.

Our Coverage:

Includes but is not limited to the list below. Contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for.





SWG PROGAMS fills the service gaps in the marketplace. This includes niche industries left unclaimed amid pricing pressures that force other insurers to pursue more profitable channels.

We Cover:

  • Cross Border Accounts & Foreign Risk (US)
  • Cyber - Corporate Identity Protection
  • Equipment/Maintenance
  • Faith Organizations




Security Services Insurance

SWG SECURE Security Services Insurance provides coverage not normally offered by traditional insurers. Businesses that provide security guard services, private investigators, alarm systems, and locksmiths as well as others requiring entry to private living quarters, need a unique type of protection.

Our program takes into account all factors relevant to your client’s situation, helping to avoid unpleasant surprises down the road. You can trust us to evaluate the complete risk picture, offering coverage for all potential exposures, including failure to perform, design errors and omissions, bodily injury, advertising liability, legal expenses, property damage, and a host of other circumstances.

You may have turned down this type of high-risk client in the past, but with SWG’s support, you can provide a wide range of coverage options at fair and competitive prices.

Coverage Highlights:

  • Commercial General Liability (Occurrence Form):
  • Failure to Perform
  • No General Aggregate Limit
  • Contractors Errors & Omissions
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage – Broad Form
  • Personal Injury
  • Intentional Injury in Defense of Personal Property
  • Products & Completed Operations
  • Care, Custody and Control
  • Legal Expense & Defense Cost Reimbursement
  • Advertising Liability
  • Non-Owned Auto (including physical damage)
  • Incidental Malpractice
  • Contingent Employers Liability
  • Fire Extinguishing Agent Release
  • Employee Benefits Liability – Claims Made
  • Employees as Additional Insureds
  • Tenants Legal Liability
  • Lost Key Cover
  • Product Recall Extension
  • Medical Payments
  • Limited Pollution Liability Extension
  • Blanket Additional Insured’s Clause
  • Owners and Contractors Protective coverage

Other Coverages Available:

  • Property Insurance
  • Business Interruption - Profits/Gross Earnings/Extra Expense
  • Crime and Fidelity Coverage including 3rd party extension
  • Employers Liability
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Errors and Omissions – Claims Made
  • Cyber

We Cover:

  • Alarm and Security Equipment Installers, and Wholesalers
  • Monitoring Stations
  • Portable and Fixed Fire Suppression Systems
  • Sprinkler Contractors
  • Private Investigators
  • Security Guards
  • Concierge Services

SWG Elite

Personal Lines Insurance

SWGELITE Personal Lines Insurance provides protection that caters to the needs of Canada’s leisure & lifestyle markets. It provides a range of coverage options for the risks arising from seasonal and annual leisure activities such as boating, RVing, cottaging, and more.

We Cover:



SWG Enviro

Environmental Pollution Insurance

SWG ENVIRO Environmental Pollution Insurance is designed for the unpredictable, costly exposure that every business needs to consider as part of its risk management program. While many pollution-related incidents can be prevented, there is always the possibility for an unexpected spill, contamination, or environmental condition to occur or surface. Environmental insurance policies cover clean-up requirements, first- and third-party claims for bodily injury, property damage, and associated legal expenses resulting from pollution or contamination events for which your business may become responsible; whether such events are “sudden and accidental” or “gradual” in nature.

Clients in every industry are subject to environmental risk and liability, making the need for a customized pollution insurance program essential in managing their exposures. Our environmental insurance products are designed to provide our clients with the broad coverage they need to protect their business from clean-up costs, defence costs, and legal obligations.

At SWG we provide customized coverage for Premises Environmental Liability, Contractor’s Environmental Liability as well as coverage for Storage Tanks. In many cases, we can provide all three categories under one customized policy, with limits starting at $250,000 up-to $5,000,000.

A Good Submission should include:

  • Fully completed applications
  • Detailed description of the client’s operation or product, including split in Revenues per operation.
  • Length of time your client has been in business and his/her experience.
  • Information on prior coverage and detailed claims history, including a loss run from prior insurer, where applicable.
  • Prior policy limits, deductibles and, most important, required retroactive date coverage.
  • Integrity test results for underground storage tanks as well as cathodic protection test results, where applicable.
  • Full description of storage tanks.
  • For Premises where boundaries are not clearly defined, a google maps screen-shot outlining premises boundaries will be greatly appreciated.

We Cover:



SWG Host

Hospitality Services Insurance

SWG HOST Hospitality Services Insurance is a leading program designed to accommodate most classes of hospitality risks including restaurants, fine dining, pubs, bars, venues with live entertainment, billiard pool halls, night clubs, and motel/hotels. We can quote up to and beyond $5,550,000 property TIV coverages. Liquor Liability is acceptable up $2,000,000 and in some cases up to $5,000,000. Standalone liability is available.

COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY – Includes the following highlights:

  • Most classes of Hospitality risks
  • Bodily injury and property damage
  • Forcible ejection up to $500,000 for bouncers who qualify

    Property Coverage Highlights

    • Property includes building and contents
    • Business Interruption
    • Flood, Earthquake and Sewer Backup

    Extensions of Property Coverage Include:

    • Personal Property of Officers and Employees
    • Growing Plant, Trees, Shrubs or Flowers in the Open
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Stock Spoilage/Consequential Loss
    • Buildings by-Laws
    • Inflation Protection
    • And more!


    Equipment and Stock (Contents)

    • Debris Removal
    • Peak Season Increase
    • Land and Water Pollution Clean Up Expense
    • Building Damage by Theft
    • Extra Expense
    • Valuable Papers
    • Electronic Data Processing Equipment and Media
    • Fine Art
    • Professional Fees
    • Glass
    • Signs

    Crime Coverage Includes:

    • Employee Dishonesty
    • Broad Form Money & Securities
    • Credit Card Forgery
    • Legal Expense (Calims Made Basis)

      Further Property Coverage Details:

      • Any liquor % coverage available
      • Any size dance floor coverage available
      • Any age building coverage available

      We Cover:

      • Restaurant
      • Fine Dining
      • Bars
      • Hospitality with Live Bands
      • Hospitality with Patios
      • Pubs and Taverns
      • Night Clubs
      • Lounges
      • Billiard Pool Halls
      • Hotel and Motel

      SWG Construct

      Construction & Contractors Insurance

      SWG CONSTRUCT Construction Insurance is specifically designed to protect the fixtures and/or equipment being used in a renovation or construction project. It covers a person’s or organization’s insurable interests should those items sustain physical loss or damage from a covered cause.

      Builder’s risk insurance is typically bought by the owner of the building or land. Occasionally, if it is stated as a requirement in the contract, the general contractor will buy it instead.

      Depending on the size of the construction or renovation project, these policies can be made either on an annual basis or on shorter terms, such as three, six, and nine months. For example, a construction project on a small single-family home can be completed within a three to six-month period, whereas a larger construction project on a row-house complex can take up to two years.

      This policy should be put into effect at the first sign of exposure, which may include simple site prep, demolition at the site, or as required by the involved parties, such as financiers. Keep in mind that many insurance companies no longer offer builders risk coverage if the construction has already commenced, even if it is just the foundation.

      Coverage Highlights:

      • Our policies are on broad form basis
      • Policies automatically include cover for theft of unfixed building materials for a limit of $40,000
      • Cover existing structures as well as the insurable interest of the renovation
      • Soft Cost
      • In-transit coverage is available
      • Landscaping, growing trees, plants, shrubs or flowers all to enter into and form part of the project provided that the value of such property is included in the amount of insurance
      • Temporary buildings, scaffolding, falsework, forms, hoardings, excavation, site preparation, and similar work, provided that the value thereof is included in the amount insured and then only to the extent that “replacement” or restoration is necessary to complete the project
      • Deductibles start at $2,500 and can be customized based on size and value of the construction
      • Policies can be customized to allow for shorter periods of construction and can be extended, where required, to provide additional time for completion up to 18 months.

      We Cover:

      • Course-of-Construction
      • Renovations/Additions

      SWG OptiSure

      Inland and Marine Cargo Ins.

      OPTISURE is a Property In-Land Marine Insurance Program covering, Logging Equipment, Cargo, and Contractor’s Equipment.

      OPTISURE is a Property In-Land Marine facility (Logging Equipment, Cargo, and Contractor’s Equipment) that is currently underwritten through an exclusive relationship via South Western Insurance Group.

      Founded in 2002, OPTISURE Underwriting Services has been a wholly-owned subsidiary group of South Western Insurance Group Limited since early 2016.

      As the company’s original owner and resident OPTISURE expert, Glen Whitehead brought his inland marine product to South Western Insurance Group Limited because he wanted to grow and expand it. Now, virtually every broker in the country has access to this exclusively-worded insurance policy.

      According to Whitehead, it is basically a physical damage contractors’ equipment insurance policy that protects company machinery whether it is working out in the remote bush or sitting in a mill yard. If a client owns even one machine, he says, they need to insure, that equipment while it is sitting in their yard, while it is being transported, and – most importantly – while it is being operated at various job sites.

      “Theft, vandalism, upsets, roll-overs, damage that occurs while loading and unloading – even the clipping of a bridge during transport. Basic protection involves any number of things, but the primary risk exposure is going to be while that machine is working.”

      The company regularly writes schedules as small as one or two items but can go all the way up to $40 or $50 million dollars. And as a market-leading contractor program that spans a wide scope of industries, any “yellow iron” holdings out there will potentially benefit from OPTISURE’s coverage.

      “It is a very broad appetite that we service,” explains Whitehead, “and as far as extensions go, we have the ability to underwrite everything from downed timber and motor truck cargo, to hook & lift & hoist liability.”

      While coverage can include both contractors’ equipment and automobile physical damage for the likes of log trucks, log trailers, and low-bed tractors, it does not end there, according to Whitehead. “We can also include specialized elements like exposure to ice and muskeg for contractors that work in remote northern regions, and waterborne coverage for contractors that go over large bodies of water – in coastal BC for example.”

      The OPTISURE program embodies a vast level of underwriting knowledge inside an exceptionally unique insurance class. It also combines extremely competitive rates with the availability of very high in-house limits.

      Coverage Highlights:

      • Broad Form property coverages
      • All Risk Wording with no Minimum Premiums
      • Cargo
      • Composite Mercantile
      • Course of Construction
      • Logging Equipment
      • Ocean Marine
      • Forestry
      • Oilfield
      • Road Building
      • Construction
      • Transportation
      • Various Contractors Equipment
      • Motor Truck Cargo

      Available Extensions:

      • Can also Quote a full Commercial General Liability for Including - No General Aggregate, Forest Fire Fighting or Grass Land Fighting Expenses and Broad Form Logging Endorsement
      • Umbrella Liability (up to $9MM X of $1MM) - Must provide excess over $1MM CGL, NOA, FFFE and up to $1MM TPL
      • Have authority to issue Certificates of Insurance that include the following:
      • Blanket Contractual
      • Contingent Employers Liability
      • Waivers of Subrogation
      • Additional Insureds (Blanket Additional Insured endorsement required)

      We Cover:

      • Warehousemen's Liability
      • Contractor's Equipment
      • Forestry & Agriculture
      • Mining & Oil Equipment
      • Marinas, Piers & Docks

      M3 Life Sciences

      Life Science companies continuously introduce new and exciting medical products and technologies that may present unique risks. Effective January 1, 2023, MedThree Insurance Group operates under South Western Insurance Group Limited. MedThree is able to assist with our knowledge of the both the Canadian and international marketplaces.

      Industries We Underwrite:

      • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies (private and publicly traded)
      • Medical device manufacturers and distributors
      • Clinical research organizations
      • Academic and research institutes

      Our coverage spans:

      • Product Liability (occurrence and claims-made policy forms)
      • General liability including Product Liability (combined form or standalone)
      • Property and equipment breakdown
      • Cyber/Privacy Liability (first party expense reimbursement and third party liability)