Case Study: SWG’s Efficient Property Insurance Assistance

Jul 2024

The Context:

A broker urgently submitted a request to SWG for property insurance on behalf of a house owner. The property was under unique circumstances: the owner had defaulted on his mortgage, and the mortgagee had taken legal possession of the house, though it was still registered in the owner’s name until it could be sold.

The Business Needs:

The mortgagee needed insurance on the vacant property. Additionally, they needed to include both the mortgagee and the owner in the policy documentation.

Our Solution:

SWG’s underwriting team acted swiftly and efficiently, processing the urgent request, maintaining clear communication, and addressing all requirements promptly. Within one day, they had received and reviewed the necessary documents and provided a 3-month insurance quote. After confirming all details with the broker, they bound the policy within 11 days and issued the policy by the 12th day, ensuring the property was properly insured to meet the mortgagee’s needs.