SWG CGL – Supporting Businesses to Run Smoothly in 2020

Dec 2019

SWG CGL – Commercial General Liability helps contractors and owners of small and large businesses safeguard their operations with insurance coverage no business should go without. It protects business owners from financial loss should their business be held responsible for third party damages both on and off the premises, for property damage, and personal injury caused by services, operations, or employees. Whether service store owners, office professionals or wholesalers, commercial general liability insurance coverages can be customized to protect your client against the unique risks and exposures they face.


Many small businesses and contractors wonder if they really need insurance, or consider it too expensive. The truth is, every type of business has its risks and ignoring them could lead to losses far greater than the cost of insurance.


Cover a Business’ Most Likely Exposures


Every business owner should have a CGL policy because it provides their business protection from the legal costs and other financial losses of a potential lawsuit. Following are the most common types of exposures for businesses:


● Bodily injury: Brick-and-mortar businesses face this risk, particularly near entrances, stairways, and front halls where ice, snow, water, steps, mats, and other factors can create tripping hazards.

● Property damage: Relevant for any business that deals with customers’ and other third party’s property. It can also protect against vandalism.

● Advertising injury: Businesses that put out advertising or content, whether digitally or in print, need protection in the course of branding and advertising their products and services.

● Other risks: Whether the claims are alleged or actual, legal action against a business can be enough to seriously damage its reputation and undermine the trust of its customer base.


Coverage that Fits the Business


SWG CGL can offer enhancement coverage to include Faulty Workmanship, Product Recall coverage, Employee Benefit, Employer’s Comprehensive Bodily Injury Liability, Sub-limits for Errors & Omissions, as well as Manufacturer’s E&O and Employment Practices Liability. Coverage can be provided for sales into the U.S. and worldwide.


Our policies include:

● Contractual liability

● Cross liability

● Contingent employer’s liability

● Product Completed Operations coverage (Broad Form)

● Our policies are on occurrence form, we can however also offer claims made option

● Limits up to $10,000,000

● Deductibles start at $1,000 and can be customized to the size of the business or type of operation


We cover:

● Auto Parts Machine Shop

● Contractors

● Cosmetics

● Excess & Umbrella

● Fireworks

● Manufacturers

● Paintball & Laser Tag

● Processors

● Recycling and Sanitation

● Remediation

● Retailers

● Wholesalers