Protégez les parcours professionnels moins communs avec l’assurance responsabilité professionnelle de South Western

Juil 2018

According to Barb Pattenden, Director of Insurance Operations, South Western Insurance Group, no matter what business your clients are in, their personal liability coverage needs will be met with us. “SWG excels in covering most types of clients with its errors and omissions coverage since we have been working on it for so long. South Western Insurance Group Limited’s underwriters have unique experience in meeting the liability protection needs of the following groups:

  • Architects and Engineers,
  • Insurance Brokers And Agents,
  • media staff,
  • IT professionals and
  • Several types of consultants.

The company also offers combined productsProfessional Liability and Commercial General Liability that cater directly to architects and engineers clients, in addition to various risk categories such as accountants and translators. Ms. Pattenden adds that the risks associated with professions in the media and information technology field are especially present in the current digital professional portrait. That’s why the company’s multimedia liability insurance was designed to provide protection against claims related to invasion of privacy, copyright infringement or errors and omissions arising from this generation of media content. “We are currently working with a promising new market for our coverage of media related insurance which allows us to adequately insure broadcasters, advertising agencies, publishers and public relations agencies among others. Meanwhile, the company’s information technology errors and omissions protection coverage goes through website developers and data managers as well as hardware and software vendors. While this small core of the most common risk groups is the heart of South Western Insurance Group Limited’s professional liability cases, it does not represent the limits of the coverage we can offer. The company’s protective coverage offering spans a broad spectrum of diverse occupations that literally cover the entire alphabet, “going from arborist to zoologist” as presented by Mrs. Pattenden. « Placement agents, arbitrators, genealogists, interpreters, convention planners, payroll professionals, telephone messengers…nine times out of ten, she says, if a client poses a risk of errors and omissions, we can provide adequate coverage. While I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a tender for a zoologist in my thirty years with the Professional Liability Department, should it ever come up, SWG can definitely handle it. Putting diversity of risk aside, Ms. Pattenden insists that the primary benefit for brokers choosing to work with the South Western Insurance Limited for their errors and omissions needs relies on the company’s considerable expertise. “A phenomenal breadth of knowledge is shared here in our Professional Liability Department, which benefits from staff who have worked in claims for many years, often decades of relevant experience. In fact, it’s common to hear our brokers say they enjoy working with SWG underwriters because of the service they receive and the product knowledge they offer. Needless to say, our customers can’t help but benefit from the long-term working relationships we’ve developed in the marketplace over our half-century of full-fledged work in the Canadian automotive industry. ‘