Exploring SWG Property: Campgrounds Insurance

Apr 2024

Is your client a campground owner seeking comprehensive insurance coverage tailored to their unique needs? Look no further than South Western Insurance Group (SWG). Our SWG Property: Campgrounds insurance is designed to provide peace of mind for campground owners across Canada, excluding Quebec. Here are just some of the ways that SWG’s coverage stands out and stands up for your client’s needs.

Versatile Coverage:

While many insurers focus solely on tenting campsites, our product caters to a wider range of needs, including RV sites, short-term rental cottages, or a combination of all. Whether your client operates a small, year-round campground or offers motorized and non-motorized watercraft rentals, we have them covered.

Comprehensive Protection:

We understand the unique risks faced by campground owners, which is why our coverage extends beyond traditional offerings. From liability coverage for docks and slips to protection for the owner’s dwelling on the premises, we prioritize comprehensive protection for your clients.

Addressing Pain Points:

Campground owners and brokers alike can rest assured knowing that we address critical pain points in the industry. Our coverage includes liability protection for docks/slips, coverage for the owner’s dwelling, and even extends to remote or unprotected campgrounds, including those accessible only by boat.

Standout Features:

We offer coverage for non-motorized watercraft and motorized watercraft under 16 feet with motors of 25 horsepower or less. Additionally, we provide coverage for RVs and trailers kept year-round on the campground premises, ensuring protection while in the campground owner’s care, custody, and control.

Competitive Rates:

At SWG, we understand the importance of affordability without compromising on coverage. Our rates are competitive, with the option to add additional coverages, our offerings provide superb value for brokers and clients.

Accessible Communication:

Our website serves as a valuable resource for brokers, we also understand the importance of direct communication. Brokers can reach out to our dedicated property team for assistance with our campground insurance program.

In a dynamic industry landscape, SWG remains committed to providing innovative insurance solutions tailored to the needs of campground owners. With our comprehensive coverage, competitive rates, and dedicated support team, you can trust SWG to safeguard your clients campground investment. Reach out to us today to learn more about SWG Property: Campgrounds insurance and how we can support you and your clients.