Case Study: Insurance Solution for a Rock Band Exhibition

Jul 2024

The Context:

A prominent Ontario broker approached SWG with a unique insurance request for a special exhibition featuring artifacts from a renowned English rock band. This touring exhibition was set to showcase a vast collection of instruments, props, photographs, music, films, and original artworks, first in Montreal, and then in Toronto, Canada. Each venue expected between 100,000 to 150,000 attendees, making comprehensive insurance crucial due to the exhibit’s high-profile nature.

The Business Needs:

The broker required a tailored Commercial General Liability insurance policy to protect against a wide range of hazards and safeguard the exhibition from potential financial losses and legal liabilities. The CGL insurance covered various risks, including accidental damages or personal injury caused by the exhibition’s business operations or employees. Meticulous coverage was imperative to ensure complete protection against such unforeseen circumstances.

Our Solution:

Understanding the exhibition’s unique requirements, we crafted a comprehensive insurance solution. Our tailored approach not only met but exceeded the broker’s expectations, providing peace of mind to the organizers and ensuring the successful and secure execution of the exhibition in Montreal and Toronto.