Brokers: Be Prepared for the Beauty Industry’s 120% Appointment Surge

Sep 2021

Having struggled with beauty maintenance at home for months, Canadians are more appreciative than ever of their stylists and aestheticians, according to recent statistics. Business Wire reports that personal care appointments have increased 120% across Canada since the industry reopened. (1)


The role of a beautician is to provide clients with hair care, nail care, makeup, and skincare services using cosmetology techniques. More than just makeup, a beautician’s work can also involve services such as:

● Providing scalp treatments;

● Shaping nails and cuticles;

● Removing unwanted hair from the body;

● Working with various chemical procedures such as bleaching and dyeing, recommending styling merchandise and hair or skincare products to customers; and

● Taking care of the day-to-day tasks involved in running a beauty salon business.

Beauty salons may offer a wide range of services to their clients, but many choose to specialize in one area.


Survey results from Square revealed hair as the top beauty service Canadians missed most. An estimated 45 percent of respondents said their first beauty action was a haircut, while another 6 percent sought root touch-ups. Among Canadians, five percent prioritize pedicures and manicures, with another four percent requesting waxing and facials. (1)


For Many Canadians, DIY Hairstyling Just Wasn’t Cutting It


The demand for beautician services is understandable because they have been pending for some time. Bookings for beauty appointments rose 120 percent in Canada over June 2020, year-on-year, before salons and spas reopened in July, according to Square data.


The prolonged closures forced Canadians to DIY their personal care. During lockdowns, 37 percent of respondents cut their own hair, and 12 percent coloured their own hair. In addition to DIY eyebrow shaping, 6 percent of people tried DIY hair removal.


It’s no wonder that 41 percent of respondents value their hairstylist and beautician more than ever, with four percent vowing never to do their hair, nails, or wax themselves again. (1)


Shear Resilience: An Industry on the Rebound


This past year, the beauty industry faced extreme changes and challenges but demonstrated its resilience in the process. Despite low growth rates, new as well as existing beauty companies are prospering. It’s no surprise that the beauty industry is taking this time to position itself for continued growth and security.


South Western Group is well-positioned to protect these businesses. We offer a combined E&O and CGL insurance coverage geared especially to the needs and risks of beauticians and beauty salons. In a previous article, we covered what could go wrong for professional beauticians, to equip brokers with the up-to-date industry knowledge to support this evolving market.


It is not uncommon for a beauty salon to serve hundreds of customers every day, juggling customer service and health and safety measures. To protect themselves in case of legal problems, these salons need legal representation and specialized insurance coverage.


SWG PL for Beauticians and Beauty Salon Owners


SWG PL – Tattoo & Body Piercing/Beauty Operations Liability insurance is offered Canada-wide as a combined E&O and CGL insurance coverage for Tattoo, Body Piercing, Permanent-Makeup Artists, as well as Beauty Salon Operations.


Coverage Highlights:

● Limit up to $3,000,000

● Coverage for entire shop(s), individual artist(s), and/or Independent Contractors

● Coverage available for tattooing or piercing of minors – with options to include piercing of ears, nose, navel, eyebrows, and tongue

● Coverage for Dermal Anchoring, Surface Piercing, Ampallang and Apadravya

● Competitive premiums

● NIL deductible

● Home based business when it’s in line with the law and government regulation

● Commission to broker 15%

We Cover:

Includes but is not limited to the list below. Contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for.

● Tattoo (permanent or temporary including henna)

● Body Piercing

● Permanent makeup including Microblading

● Pigment Lightening Removal (Saline or Laser/IPL)

● Beauty Professionals

● Laser Hair Removal, also includes removal of age spots, sun spots & liver spots

● Claims Made Policy

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