Yes, SWG PL Even Covers Market Researchers

Jan 2022


Market researchers evaluate the feasibility of a new product or service, through conducting research directly with potential consumers. By using this method, organizations can discover their ideal market, collect and document opinions, and make informed business decisions. Marketing agencies with expertise in this process can help companies who are unable to conduct their own research.


A market research study is designed to understand the market associated with a particular product or service, to determine how the target audience will react to it. Using market research information, marketers and advertisers can tailor marketing or advertising campaigns or determine the features consumers desire or any services they require.


Market research can be conducted by using surveys, interacting with a sample of people, conducting interviews, and other similar tactics.


Having a broker with industry knowledge can help market research firms avoid unpleasant surprises resulting from unintentional errors, omissions, and other mistakes that may cause financial losses or even lead to litigation.


Market researchers’ top professional liability risks


The importance of professional liability insurance for market research firms cannot be overstated. Market researchers collect valuable information about target audiences. A client can sue a marketer if they claim their analysis was wrong or if it caused them to lose money.


Businesses expect market research findings to be accurate and to help them grow. A market research firm could face a costly lawsuit if its research is inaccurate or a mistake is made. Professional liability insurance can protect market researchers if:

● The client loses money by following an inaccurate analysis

● Researchers gather data in an unethical manner

● An agreed-upon service is not completed by the firm

Market research clients are also vulnerable to claims from alleged errors in:

● Arithmetic and computation; data collection/interpretation

● Market research consulting

● Copyright and trademark infringement from Internet market research

Why market researchers need professional liability


Errors and omissions coverage, also known as professional liability insurance, can protect a market research firm from claims alleging:

● Professional negligence

● Inaccurate information or advice

● A breach of good faith and fair dealing

● Defamation or misrepresentation

In the event that a firm is sued by a client, professional liability insurance can provide coverage for:

● Court costs

● Attorney fees

● Judgments and settlements awarded to your client

● Time spent at depositions or trials resulting in lost earnings

● Libel and slander claims for personal injury

SWG Professional Liability


SWG PL – Professional Liability insurance offers a combined E&O and CGL that protects advice and service-providing professionals, and firms in a wide range of industries.


We Cover:


● Architects & Engineers

● Directors and Officers

● IT/Technology

● Media/Multimedia

● Miscellaneous

● Tattoo & Body Piercing/Beauty Operations

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