What Makes a Good Faith Program Submission?

Jun 2018

Comprehensive yet flexible, South Western Insurance Group Limited’s Faith Program is specifically designed to protect your client’s place of worship. Thanks to a partnership with the nation’s leading insurer of faith organizations, traditional and modern religions alike can benefit from coverage that is equal to or beyond what is available elsewhere in Canada. According to underwriter Kristy Lai, not only does South Western Insurance Group Limited’s Ecclesiastical product protect churches, synagogues, mosques and similar buildings, it extends to the facilities that often form part of these sites. “Some organizations will have a school, a daycare, even a community centre in addition to their place of worship, and we can provide coverage for all of those.” While the core of the Faith Program revolves around building and contents, liability, equipment breakdown (think boilers, for example), and crime, Lai describes some of the extra features that make her company’s product particularly appealing. “We offer optional coverages for both D&O and physical and sexual abuse. This means that, rather than having to go to multiple markets, brokers can get everything in one place. Our D&O insurance is provided as a separate policy with its own limits, which translates into better protection. And our abuse coverage, though highly desirable by many Faith organizations – especially where a school or daycare is involved – is not something every company can offer.” South Western Insurance Group Limited is also pleased to be able to make certain value-added services available cost-free as part of their Faith Program. One of these, Lai says, essentially amounts to free legal advice. “Our Ecclesiastical policy holders are given unlimited telephone access to a group of experienced lawyers who can answer any questions they may have about taxes, lease contracts, employee hiring practices, and other legal issues.” Similar complimentary services involving qualified workplace counsellors and HR professionals are also provided. And whereas many property-related insurance policies require a site risk assessment with costs attributed back to the customer, South Western Insurance Group Limited includes this service free-of-charge as part of their Ecclesiastical coverage. “Based on the building value or coverage limits involved,” Lai explains, “we may or may not require an inspection and subsequent risk management recommendations for proper building maintenance and repair. But there is never a cost to the client when we do.” So what exactly makes a good Faith submission? The answer, says Lai, is pretty straightforward. “The policy must be for a government-registered, not-for-profit Ecclesiastical organization, and the application must be completed in full. We cannot begin to look at providing a quote for coverage unless these two base requirements have been met. Beyond that, the more information a broker can provide in terms of expired premiums or previous policies, the better positioned SWG will be to provide competitive pricing.” Probably the best thing about her company’s Faith Program, says Lai, is that it allows brokers to tailor coverages to meet their customers’ needs. “Our brokers like that we are able to protect everything from pipe organs to expensive stained glass.”