Temporary Vacancy Permit notice to our Brokers

Apr 2020

Temporary Vacancy Permit notice to our Brokers


To our Broker Partners,


Be advised in regards to the ongoing concerns related to the coronavirus, Three Holdings Inc. has initiated its Business Continuity Plan successfully and all South Western Group, MedThree and Optisure offices remain open for business.


Our priority continues to be serving our brokers’ needs while ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our staff, brokers, and business partners.

SWG is closely monitoring developments associated to COVID-19, including following recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as other local, regional and global health authorities.


Specifically in relation to Temporarily Vacant Premises – As the broker of record, you are reminded that all material change in risk must be disclosed to South Western Group. SWG will handle any material change in risk on a case by case basis. Once we are made aware that a premises is now unoccupied as a result of the COVID-19 emergency we will apply a vacancy permit accordingly.


Vacancy Permit/Extension


In order to support businesses that have become unoccupied as a direct result of an “emergency” declared, SWG will be including a vacancy permit/extension.

The key requirements of this extension will be:

• Extends permission for unoccupied or vacant businesses for the lesser of 60 days or the duration of the State of Emergency.

• No additional premium or rate surcharges will be implemented.

• Does not apply to risks that were vacant prior to the “emergency” and were underwritten and priced as such.


Underwriting Considerations:

Where practical and permitted, the following conditions apply:

i. All doors and windows of the “building” must be securely closed and locked;

ii. All garbage must be removed from inside the “building” and from the described “premises”;

iii. The “building” must be checked by a reliable person both inside and out at least every 72 hours.

iv. The heating system of the building(s) must be in proper working order and heat must be maintained to prevent freezing within the building(s). Resultant water damage from burst pipes is excluded.


Keep in mind that property protection systems must remain functional as it is a condition on most property policies.