SWGPL Professional Liability – Saving Time with SWG’s E&O Insurance Product

Sep 2019

September 18, 2019 Breach of contract, negligence, amounts owing, providing faulty plans. These are some of the allegations being thrown back and forth in the ongoing legal dispute over the Pioneer Village subway station.(1) The $3.2 billion subway extension in Toronto’s North York district was wrought with issues that led to a two-year delay and hundreds of millions of dollars in exceeded budget costs. The TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) has brought allegations against both the company that built the station and the consultants it hired to design the station. The construction company has counter-sued while allegations have yet to be proven in court a year later. Messy court cases, such as the Pioneer Village station lawsuit, involve multiple exposures and plenty of grey area. And while this especially goes for industries where contracts tend to last years and involve a lot of complexity, such as construction and A&E, other industries face similar exposures. The key for brokers is to match the right coverage to the right industry and the right individual.

Combined E&O and CGL Gives Brokers More Options

South Western Group has combined E&O and CGL to meet the needs of architects and engineers, plus a wide range of miscellaneous risks, including consultants, translators, and bookkeepers. Meanwhile, their standard stand-alone CGL insurance and E&O coverage for consultants and professionals respectively cover a wide range of industries. So, whether their clients need protection under commercial general liability, errors & omissions, or both, brokers can provide the best possible coverage.

The Power of Specialization

According to the Canadian Underwriter’s 2018 National Broker Survey, 88% of brokers agreed that they need to become more specialized to withstand changing technologies and sales models. Choosing an MGA that specializes in E&O means working with experienced underwriters who understand the individual risks so the client gets the most adequate possible coverage. Though specializing in architects and engineers, South Western Group also works with a range of E&O classes, including consultants and those in the environmental, IT, security, and oil & gas industries.

A Combined Product Saves Time for Brokers and Their Clients

What makes South Western Insurance Group Limited’s combined liability product so innovative is the fact that it provides a combined wording element, rather than individual wordings. In the past, when an individual wanted E&O coverage as well as CGL, they ended up with two separate policies. The problem with separate policies is they can lead to a lot of grey areas. But having a combined product means that the CGL speaks to the E&O, and the E&O speaks to the CGL. This streamlines the types of claims and mitigations that accompany this class. Placing E&O and CGL policies with the same insurer also saves time and simplifies the process – not just for the broker but also their clients. It means brokers’ customers deal with one insurer, one adjuster, and one set of counsel with a unified approach. (1) https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2019/06/14/error-riddled-plans-thousands-of-design-changes-among-problems-alleged-in-pioneer-village-station-lawsuits.html