Security Services? Tattoo Shops? Yes, we write that!

Dec 2015

South Western Group has been one of Canada’s leading specialty insurance providers since 1961. We have dedicated teams that specialize in niche products to provide you with unique solutions.

SECURITY SERVICES The Security Services industry is a demanding market segment and continues to grow. As security businesses expand, the range of services they provide impacts their insurance requirements. South Western Group’s Security Package has been designed specifically for the Security Industry and offers the most important coverage required by this industry…. Failure to Perform and No General Aggregate.

Do your security guard clients offer Condominium Concierge Services? We now offer a Bailee Customers’ Rider for a nominal premium as required. NEW! Privacy Breach Event Expenses Coverage Rider now available. This coverage provides “Privacy Breach Management Services” coverage and pays “Privacy Breach Expenses” that the Insured becomes obligated to pay as a direct result of a claim for an actual or alleged Privacy Breach. Contact one of our underwriters today to find out more. TATTOO SHOPS South Western Group provides Tattoo & Body Piercing, Permanent Makeup and Tattoo Removal Liability Insurance for professionals in the Body Arts Industry. It is important for Tattoo Shops and professionals in this industry to have coverage for services they provide protecting themselves against an unfortunate claim that might occur. Program highlights Professional & General Liability including Products Liability for: Tattoo (permanent or temporary including henna) Body Piercing Pigment Lightening Removal (Saline or Laser/IPL) Beauty Professionals Claims Made Policy Limit up to $5,000,000 Competitive premiums General coverage options, entire shop(s), individual artist(s), Independent Contractors or landlords if desired Coverage for piercing or tattooing of minors – with options to include piercing of ears, nose, navel, eyebrows & tongue Coverage for Dermal Anchoring, Surface Piercing, Ampallang and Apadravya Guest Artist and/or Piercer endorsement available Communicable Disease ($50k sub-limit) coverage Mobile Units endorsement available We have been providing insurance coverage for tattoo, body piercing and permanent makeup artists for many years and our program is available Canada wide. Applications and quotations are available in both French and English. We continue to work with Insurance Industry leaders and our Brokers to develop coverages that recognize the specialty nature of these professionals and businesses.

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