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    Media and Multimedia

    Reputation is vital in this relationship driven business, so ensuring effective communication of brand or image andproducing the best communication is key to maintaining a high profile in this specialist area. Mistakes can happen, but our wording provides one of the broadest coverages to meet most situations where a business may bethreatened.

    Target Clients Included:

    • Advertising Agencies
    • Direct marketing companies
    • Public relations companies
    • Marketing consultants
    • Book/Magazine publishers
    • Radio Broadcasters
    • Production Companies

    Coverage Highlights:

    • Limits available up to C$10,000,000
    • Defence costs in addition
    • Defamation
    • Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights
    • Negligent acts, errors, omissions, misstatements or misrepresentation
    • Breach of contract cover
    • Sub-contractors extension
    • Irrecoverable fees extension
    • Breach of confidentiality and misuse of information
    • Dishonesty of employees covers
    • Withdrawal of content extension
    • Mitigation of loss extension
    • Advertising liability

    We provide cover on a worldwide geographical basis as standard, and our underwriting appetite extends to companies who have a US exposure. We can also offer US jurisdiction.

    Cyber Extension:

    Much of the cyber exposure is catered for within our main policy cover, but our extension will give additional first party cover for:

    • Notification costs following a loss of data
    • Public relations and crisis management services
    • Cyber business interruption cover
    • Computer system rectification costs
    • Data extortion
    • Regulatory defence and penalties.