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South Western Insurance Group Limited is committed to providing all of our customers with excellent customer service. On occasion, a customer may feel they have not been treated fairly, or there may simply be a misunderstanding that needs to be resolved. South Western Insurance Group Limited has implemented this Complaint Handling Protocol to ensure that customer complaint are dealt with in a fair and timely manner.

The first step is to discuss your complaint directly with the broker who has arranged the policy. Explain the situation, outlining the concerns you may have and how would the matter be resolved. Be as detailed as possible by providing information pertinent to the issue, including policy or claim number.

If you are still dissatisfied with the response after speaking with your broker, you may submit your complaint to the Complaints Officer for South Western Insurance Group Limited in writing:

Complaints Officer
South Western Insurance Group Limited
401 The West Mall, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario, M9C 5J5

Or, via electronic mail to:

Or, by phone at 416-642-6777

The complaints officer will review your concerns to ensure they have a full and proper understanding of your position. They will then investigate the situation keeping you informed along the way and respond within 30 days from receipt of the written complaint. Once the investigation is complete, the complaints officer will notify you promptly of the proposed resolution.

If you feel we have not resolved your complaint satisfactorily you may contact the General Insurance Ombud Service which assists in the resolution of conflicts between insurance customers and their insurance companies.

The contact information for the GIO:

General Insurance OmbudService
2727 Courtice Road, P.O. Box 98009
Courtice, ON L1E 3A0
Toll-Free: 1.877.225.0446
Fax 416-299-4261

For further information about the GIO, please visit their web site at

In Québec you may also utilize the services of Autorité des marchés financiers (“AMF”). If you feel South Western Insurance Group Limited has not resolved your complaint satisfactorily, you may request to have a copy of the file sent to the AMF. The AMF will study your file and may recommend mediation, if appropriate and agreed to by both parties. The AMF can be reached at the following numbers:
Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)
Montréal 514 395-0337
Québec City 418 525-0337
Toll-free 1 877 525-0337
FAX: 1 877 285-4378 (Toll Free)

South Western Insurance Group
401 The West Mall, Suite 700 TORONTO ON M9C 5J5
PH: 416-620-6604
TF: 1-800-668-4275
FX: 1-877-FAX-2-SWG (877-329-2794)


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