MedThree Answers Your FAQs: Senior Care Liability Policies

Mar 2019

MedThree’s comprehensive Senior Care Liability package is specifically designed to tackle most, if not all of the exposures faced by senior care facilities. “Senior care homes are typically exposed to both General Liability and Professional Liability risks,” explains underwriter Trevor Wade. “But our exceptionally broad coverage allows us to address both of these areas – and more – within a single policy.” As a one-stop shop for brokers in the senior care space, Wade says MedThree often fields questions about specific policy details. Here are some of the most common queries:

General Liability

Do you write Employer’s Liability? And if so, what is the maximum limit offered? Yes, we offer Employer’s Liability coverage. We simply require that a separate questionnaire be completed in order to provide a quote. The maximum limit offered is $5,000,000. What is the maximum deductible offered? We offer deductible options up to and including $50,000. This applies to any of the coverages we provide under Professional and General Liability, whether it is Employer’s Liability, Bodily Injury, Non-Owned Auto, or Personal Injury, for example. Deductibles can be $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $25,000, or $50,000 – whichever the client chooses. Higher limits, however, are subject to approval. Can you offer different limits each on Professional Liability and General Liability? No, we cannot offer different limits on Professional Liability and General Liability. Does a minimum premium and/or a minimum retained premium apply? Our minimum premium for Professional Liability and General Liability is $2,000. A minimum retained premium is not applicable. Do you offer Sudden and Accidental Pollution Insurance? Yes, Sudden and Accidental Pollution Liability is available, subject to a sub-limit of $1,000,000. Does your definition of “Insured” include employees and volunteers? Yes, all employees, volunteers, and assistants are covered while acting under the direction of the named Insured.

Professional Liability

Is your Professional Liability wording written on an occurrence or a claims-made form? The policy is written on an occurrence form, except for our Employee Benefits Coverage, which is written on a claims-made basis. What is the maximum limit offered on Professional Liability? The maximum limit offered on Professional Liability is $10,000,000. Higher limits may be available upon request, however. Are defence costs in addition to the policy limit? Defence costs are provided over and above the limit applicable to the damages – except for Administrators’ Errors and Omissions, where the defence cost is within the policy limit. Is there an aggregate limit on your Professional Liability insurance? There is no aggregate limit on the Professional Liability insurance. However, the insurer’s maximum limit of liability for any one loss, claim, or occurrence shall not exceed the limit of insurance for Bodily Injury per occurrence under any or all of the coverages provided – subject to the sub-limits and aggregate limits contained on the policy. Care levels, exposure levels, and facility size vary widely within the senior care space. But whether an account involves a dozen large retirement or long-term care homes – or a single, six-bed facility – MedThree’s Senior Care Liability policies offer coverage that’s appropriate for all situations.