MedThree Answers Your FAQs: Senior Care Liability Coverages

Apr 2019

MedThree Insurance Group’s Senior Care Liability package has been specifically designed to safeguard clients operating in the senior care space. General Liability coverages defend against typical exposures faced by senior care residences, while the company’s Professional Liability protection is geared toward coverage for professional services rendered or failure to render. In a senior care setting, this would also be considered Medical Malpractice coverage. Because MedThree’s program has been tailored to address the full range of common senior care risks, underwriter Trevor Wade says brokers can expect to find all the liability, property, crime, LEI, and cyber protection their clients need in one place. Here, Wade answers some of the most frequently asked questions about his company’s senior care coverages:

Do you offer Prior Acts cover on Professional Liability?

Yes, we do offer Prior Acts cover on Professional Liability. We just require a confirmation of no losses, as well as evidence that insurance has been in place since the date requested.

Does your Professional Liability coverage extend to Religious Counseling?

Yes. Our coverage pays the sums a corporation becomes responsible for arising out of negligence (errors, mistakes, or malpractice) in providing, or failing to provide, any psychological, spiritual, religious, or health counseling services to residents.

Does your Senior Care product cover Abuse? If so, what is the maximum limit offered, and is it written in claims made?

Yes, our policy covers abuse. This typically refers to the abuse of residents by employees – and would extend to aggressive handling, physical abuse, and sexual abuse – but it also includes resident to resident abuse, if the insured is negligent and held liable. The policy includes coverage for abuse up to the policy limit on an occurrence form basis, however some exceptions may apply. It is essentially a silent coverage for the corporation as an entity, in instances where they are negligent and liable.

Is Crime coverage part of your Liability coverage?

Crime exposures fall under a separate coverage within the Senior Care Professional and General Liability package.

Do you provide coverage for employees that commit, or are accused of, a Theft Crime against a resident?

Yes, we do, and the coverage is called Third Party Bonding. It is a particularly important coverage for nursing and retirement facilities, but it is also an exposure that is often overlooked. In senior care homes where residents require a higher level of care, nurses, personal support workers, and other professionals frequently enter the residents’ units. Third Party Bonding protects the facility in cases where an employee commits, or is accused of, a theft crime against a resident, and the insured is held liable for the resident’s loss.

Are there other Crime coverages I should know about?

In addition to employee dishonesty, our crime package addresses coverages related to residents’ trust funds, credit card forgery, audit expense, and loss inside and outside the premises. Because insurance carriers do not always offer a senior care program, brokers are sometimes forced to piece together different types of coverages from different carriers to make their own policy packages. Working with MedThree, says Wade, does away with this inconvenient and inefficient approach to well-rounded senior care coverage.

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