SWG Staff Directory

Name Last Name Title Class Specialty Office Email Extension
Henry Ng Ng General Accountant Finance Toronto [email protected] 1272
Branislav Djuric Djuric Business Analyst Information Technology Toronto [email protected]
Margo Parker Parker Underwriter Commercial Lines Toronto [email protected] 1231
Arsalan Chaudhry Chaudhry General Accountant Finance Toronto [email protected] 1276
Fatima Fahmi Fahmi Underwriter Commercial Lines Quebec [email protected] 3223
Olga Litvinov Litvinov Underwriter Commercial Lines CGL, Security, and Non-Profit Vancouver [email protected] 4255
Davina Mullin Mullin Senior Underwriter Commercial Lines Ammunition/Firearms, Commercial Property, Contractors Vancouver [email protected] 5203
Roci Calle Calle Underwriting Assistant Commercial Lines Toronto [email protected] 1289
Khaleedah Andrew Andrew Underwriting Assistant Security Services Toronto [email protected] 1224
Eliza Barcia Barcia Underwriting Assistant Commercial Lines Vancouver [email protected] 5206
Nadiya Klimova Klimova Accounts Receivable Administrator Finance Toronto [email protected] 1226
Cassian Rodrigues Rodrigues Chief Financial Officer Finance Toronto [email protected] 1287
Grace Zhao Zhao Underwriter Hospitality Hospitality, Excess Liquor Liability Toronto [email protected] 1280
Joyce Jiang Jiang Underwriter Professional Liability Tattoo/Beauty Salon, Information Technology E&O, Miscellaneous E&O Toronto [email protected] 1245
Cheryl Anderson Anderson Underwriting Assistant Professional Liability Toronto [email protected] 1264
Jasteen Mand Mand Underwriting Assistant Commercial Lines Vancouver [email protected] 5205
Josée Toupin Toupin Senior Underwriter, Commercial Lines Commercial Lines Quebec [email protected] 3239
Kristy Lai Lai Underwriter Commercial Lines CGL, Faith, Bonds Toronto [email protected] 1237
Doreen Teoh Teoh Senior Underwriter Hospitality Hospitality (restaurants, pubs, bars) Toronto [email protected] 1285
Blerta Ollomani Ollomani Financial Analyst Finance Toronto [email protected] 1282
Bessy Allen Allen Senior Underwriter Professional Liability D&O, Miscellaneous E&O, Media Liability Toronto [email protected] 1286
Mélanie Ratté Ratté Underwriting Assistant Commercial Lines Quebec [email protected] 3231
Amie Vandevenne Vandevenne Underwriter Personal Lines High Value Homes, Campgrounds Toronto [email protected] 1268
Vicky Thompson Thompson Manager, Document Administration Head Office Toronto [email protected] 2270
Québec soumissions/submissions soumissions/submissions Submissions Québec [email protected] 3221
SWG Quotes Quotes Submissions Toronto [email protected] 1221
Melanie Pon Pon Senior Underwriter Commercial Lines Hard-To-Place Property, Commercial/Residential, Vacant Dwellings Toronto [email protected] 1266
Barb Pattenden Pattenden Director, Insurance Operations Executive Toronto [email protected] 1232
Rory O’Donoghue O’Donoghue Branch Manager, Vancouver BC Executive Vancouver [email protected] 5202
Phyllis O’Reilly O’Reilly Accounting Manager Finance Toronto [email protected] 1261
Marina Matijas Matijas Senior Underwriter Commercial Lines Casualty Toronto [email protected] 1230
Louise Leclerc Leclerc Supervisor Commercial Lines Quebec [email protected] 3230
Melissa Leach-Trudeau Leach-Trudeau Underwriting Assistant Professional Liability Toronto [email protected] 1238
Virginia Ng Ng Underwriting Assistant Commercial Lines Toronto [email protected] 1271
Darlene Hazzard Hazzard Senior Underwriter Professional Liability Professional Liability - Architects & Engineers Toronto [email protected] 1244
Ghazal Hamid Hamid Branch Manager, Toronto ON Executive Toronto [email protected] 1229
Isabelle Gélinas Gélinas Underwriter Commercial Lines Personal Lines, Property (vacant buildings, rooming houses), Tattoo & Body Piercing Quebec [email protected] 3225
Ulli Garrett Garrett Underwriter Commercial Lines Pollution, Casualty, Commercial Property Toronto [email protected] 2282
Sunyna Dwivedi Dwivedi Junior Underwriter Personal Lines Non-Standard Homeowners, Elite (trailers, cottages, boats), Food Vendors Toronto [email protected] 1249
Vanessa del Burgo Burgo Executive Assistant to President & CEO Executive Toronto [email protected] 1248
Nancy Chivers Chivers Senior Underwriter Professional Liability Miscellaneous E&O, Brokers E&O Toronto [email protected] 1253
Nellie Bodrug Bodrug Office Assistant Head Office Toronto [email protected] 1221
Lisa Bloemendal Bloemendal Business Analyst Head Office Toronto [email protected] 1255
Colleen Bliss Bliss Senior Underwriter Security Services Security Services Toronto [email protected] 1227
Sadiya Ally Ally Underwriter Commercial Lines Contractors CGL, Pollution, E-Cigarette Retailers, Roofers Toronto [email protected] 1239
John A. Barclay Barclay President & CEO Executive Toronto [email protected] 1265