Checking in with Canada’s Beauty Professionals

Dec 2021

How are beauticians, barbers, hairstylists, and other salon professionals faring during the lockdown? Many salons are struggling to keep their lights on, which isn’t surprising. That’s why news reports indicate many have gone underground.


As reported by CTV news, many existing stylists now work from their homes, take outdoor appointments to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus, and conduct brick and mortar business appointments despite lockdown measures. However, more untrained barbers are opening up shop from their homes in hopes of making a quick buck. (1)


While anyone can set up shop and offer beauty and hair services, customers put more than just the quality of their haircut at risk.


Salon Magazine surveyed 377 beauticians across Canada and found that 76% were waiting for enough personal protective equipment (PPE) before reopening. About 55% of respondents were waiting for clarity about the health and safety guidelines provided by their province. Another 29% did not plan to reopen immediately due to health and safety concerns for their team and clients. (2)


The following are the most common ways salon owners plan to address concerns about COVID-19, according to Salon Magazine (2):

● Installing hand sanitizer stations: 94% (303)

● Allotting more time for disinfecting stations/tools: 93% (300)

● Allowing fewer clients in the salon at one time: 92.3% (298)

● Requiring staff to wear masks: 90% (291)

● Requiring clients to wear masks: 80.5% (260)

● Screening clients via a health questionnaire: 72% (233)

● Extending work days/hours: 62% (200)


What Beauty Salons Cannot Afford to Get Wrong


There are many responsibilities that salon owners and their staff bear, from removing hair to recommending skincare treatments and scheduling appointments. In addition to hairstyling, makeup, facials, hair removal, manicures, and pedicures, they are expected to have knowledge of beauty treatments as well.


Clients expect beauty professionals to provide a safe and reliable service, and they want to walk away feeling good about their experience. Beauticians should make sure their customers are well looked after during their treatment, regardless of whether they’re getting a haircut, pedicure, or massage.


There is a risk of an accident happening even if they take all the necessary precautions. For example, beauty salons contain sharp tools and professional-grade chemicals that may injure customers.


If an employee or owner of a beauty salon has been negligent in any way or perceived to be negligent, a client may be entitled to sue. The cost of not preparing for the worst scenario can be high for beauty salons and beauticians. Businesses or beauticians may even lose their licenses if they lose a lawsuit.


As part of their risk management strategy, it’s important that beauticians have the right insurance coverage and a savvy broker on their side to protect themselves, their clients, and their business.


About SWG PL


SWG PL – Tattoo & Body Piercing/Beauty Operations Liability insurance is offered Canada-wide as a combined E&O and CGL insurance coverage for Tattoo, Body Piercing, Permanent-Makeup Artists, as well as Beauty Salon Operations.


Coverage Highlights

● E&O Limits up to $2M

● CGL Limits up to $3M.

● Coverage for entire shop(s), individual artist(s), and/or Independent Contractors

● Coverage available for tattooing or piercing of minors – with options to include piercing of ears, nose, navel, eyebrows, and tongue

● Coverage for Dermal Anchoring, Surface Piercing, Ampallang and Apadravya

● Competitive premiums

● NIL deductible

● Home based business when it’s in line with the law and government regulation

● Commission to broker 15%

We Cover

Includes but is not limited to the list below. Contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for.

● Tattoo (permanent or temporary including henna)

● Body Piercing

● Permanent makeup including Microblading

● Pigment Lightening Removal (Saline or Laser/IPL)

● Beauty Professionals

● Laser Hair Removal, also includes removal of age spots, sun spots & liver spots

● Claims Made Policy

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