Case Study: Successful Coverage Placement for a Nordic Spa in Quebec

Jul 2024

The Context:

A broker had a pressing need for his client, a Nordic Spa, after their previous insurer declined to renew their professional liability policy due to an inability to cover both property and Commercial General Liability (CGL).

The Business Needs:

The renowned spa business in question is a premier provider of Nordic bath experiences nestled in a serene natural environment in the province of Quebec. The spa also offers relaxation massage services and operates a restaurant. The spa required CAD 2 million in professional liability and CAD 5 million in general liability coverage.

Our Solution:

Recognizing the importance of this coverage, SWG leveraged its connections in the London Market to secure a competitive quote. We presented this tailored solution to the broker, who was impressed with the prompt and comprehensive response. The coverage was quickly put in place, meeting the spa’s requirements.