Brokers, are you aware of these major senior care challenges?

Oct 2018

Like any niche market, senior care facilities pose several challenges for the insurance professionals that service them. Knowing the challenges that may lie ahead can keep brokers ahead of the curve and ready for the expected and the unexpected. Especially in a market where insurance pricing is inconsistent, the ability to offer risk management tools to help minimize, avoid and/or mitigate risk exposures becomes increasing difficult. “Due to its specialized risks, brokers need to know the products and services critical for senior care risks,” says Eugene Wangyal, senior underwriter at MedThree Insurance Group, “such as the technical know-how plus provincial legislations, mandates, standards, etc.” For Myra Capinpin, “merger and acquisition of ‘mom and pop shops’ by corporate giants in the senior care space,” is a major hurdle in the broker path. Furthermore, ensuring clients’ compliance with risk management practices due to financial constraints and keeping up with the changing legislative landscape and senior care insurance market trends, such as products, pricing and competition, must always be on a broker’s radar to avoid any surprises.