Become indispensable to high-net-worth clients

Oct 2017

As well as demanding a high level of customer service and broker attention, high-net-worth individuals also require insurance products that fit their specific, and sometimes unique, needs. The reality is that wealthy clients need a different level of service and, luckily for brokers, Canadian carriers have stepped up to the plate to provide top level products. After entering into an agreement with AIG, South Western Insurance Group Limited (SWG) now has the capability to compete with the traditional big players in the high-value market and offer robust and comprehensive policies across Canada. “As well as offering contents replacement and deductible options up to $100,000, our policy provides guaranteed rebuilding costs coverage,” says Amie Vandevenne, Property Underwriter, SWG. “The coverage enables the insured to rebuild on-site to match the building quality of their home – including unique and historic residences – even if doing so exceeds the policy limits.” The all-encompassing policy also provides coverage of up to $25,000 for any business property that’s owned or leased by the client and covers costs of repairs or replacements caused by domestic pets, which typically is excluded from most homeowners’ policies. “There are also cash settlement options, so if your client is faced with the total loss of their property, then can receive a cash settlement up to their policy limit rather than rebuild on-site if that option is favourable,” Vandevenne says. “Equipment breakdown and earthquake coverage, which covers a loss to their home and other permanent structures due to an earthquake, are also on offer as optional policy enhancements.” As part of the policy, insureds are also covered for physical damage caused by the back-up or overflow of sewers, drains or sump pumps on their property. “Protection extends up to the client’s policy limit without special deductibles,” Vandevenne says.