At South Western Group – We are up to the Challenge

Mar 2015

South Western Group enjoys the challenging submissions we receive from our brokers. It is how our talented staff maintain our reputation for excellence in underwriting. With offices in Quebec, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver SWG is there to help every step of the way. Some of the recent challenges we have been presented with:

Classic Car Insured purchased a $12,000,000 classic car that was being transported from the auctioneer to its display location. In 24 hours, SWG assisted the broker in covering this single transit using our Lloyds of London customised High Value Automobile policy.

Security The Security Services industry is a demanding market segment. As security businesses expand the range of services they provide, it impacts their insurance requirements. The broker approached SWG for a $10MM CGL limit when their client entered into a new services contract. The incumbent solution could not offer more than $5MM CGL. Our experienced team was able to provide a solution that combined our Security Services industry product with our in-house Umbrella capability to meet their need.

Personal Lines Our broker needed help. Their client owned a high value log cabin in Prince George, British Columbia and the broker was having difficulty securing Guaranteed Replacement coverage. A review of the inspection report satisfied our team that we were able to extend the required coverage to the insured’s beautiful risk.

Commercial Liability Our broker’s client builds unique log homes. Each one is handcrafted on site, then taken apart, shipped around the world, and reconstructed wherever the client wants. To match this challenging world wide risk, the broker turned to SWG for our ‘handcrafted’ liability policy.

Commercial Liability Playgrounds are fun. Insuring the distribution and installation of playground equipment is no walk in the park. With exposure in the United States, South Western Group provided the required protection.