Insuring Business Consultants in 2021

Oct 2021

The future looks optimistic for business consultants. Globally, disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented opportunities for change.

A Broker’s Guide to Canada’s Wholesalers Industry

Sep 2021

Canadian manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers have experienced recent growth driven by a strong domestic economy. As of June 2021, Canada’s wholesale sales hit $71.5 billion. (1) In spite of a decline in June, wholesale goods sales increased by 2.6% in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the first quarter, the fourth consecutive quarterly increase. Prices for lumber jumped in early spring 2021, contributing to the gains as building materials sales rose 11.4%. Several subsectors in the food, beverage, and tobacco sector also recorded gains beyond 3%. The second quarter of 2021 marked the highest quarterly sales in all three subsectors. (1)

Why SWG PL Covers Driver Training Schools

Sep 2021

According to a recent survey by MADD Canada, new drivers are almost 45% more likely to be involved in a crash than experienced drivers. (1) As motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death among teenagers, that's a pretty big deal. So it comes as no surprise that 78% of Canadians say that safer roads would result from more people receiving driver's training.

SWG CGL: Top Trends in Canada’s Retailer Industry

Sep 2021

Canada's retail industry sells consumer goods and related services through its stores to the general public. Often, large retail firms have their own warehouse facilities and, in some cases, manufacture private-label goods in their own factories.

Tips for Tattoo Parlours: How Tattoos Can Hurt Their Artist

Sep 2021

One of the broker's responsibilities is offering sound professional advice to help professionals minimize risk at work or in operation. In the long run, tattoo artists who follow this advice will reap the benefits in their health and their reputation.

Brokers: Be Prepared for the Beauty Industry’s 120% Appointment Surge

Sep 2021

Having struggled with beauty maintenance at home for months, Canadians are more appreciative than ever of their stylists and aestheticians, according to recent statistics. Business Wire reports that personal care appointments have increased 120% across Canada since the industry reopened. (1)