Brokers, don't fall into one of these common senior care coverage gaps

Jul 2018

According to a report by the Conference Board of Canada, by 2026 an estimated 2.4 million Canadians aged 65 and over will require continuing care support – a 71% increase from 2011. Senior care will only become riskier as facilities begin to serve more and more of the population, resulting in the ...

Protect the Career Path Less Traveled with South Western’s Professional Liability Insurance

Jul 2018

No matter the occupation, says Barb Pattenden, Director of Insurance Operations for South Western Insurance Group Limited, if your client needs professional liability protection, you have come to the right place. “SWG is really good at protecting most types of clients with Errors & Omissions ...

Complete and Comprehensive are Key Criteria for Elite Book Submissions

Jul 2018

The personal insurance offered through South Western Insurance Group Limited’s Elite Book extends to cottages, motorhomes, watercraft, and trailers. While the broad scope of coverage options is ideal for most leisure and lifestyle clients, the diversity of programs means the criteria for what ...

What Makes a Good Faith Program Submission?

Jun 2018

Comprehensive yet flexible, South Western Insurance Group Limited’s Faith Program is specifically designed to protect your client’s place of worship. Thanks to a partnership with the nation’s leading insurer of faith organizations, traditional and modern religions alike can benefit from coverage ...

Gaining an edge: one MGA’s simple but effective secret weapon

Jun 2018

During one hour of a typical workday, Doreen Teoh’s mobile phone vibrates over a dozen times, almost always signaling contact from brokers hoping to take advantage of her 30+ years of exemplary hospitality underwriting. They not only seek out her experience, but also the extraordinary lengths ...

The Elite Book: Not Your Average Leisure/Lifestyle Collection

May 2018

For brokers with clients who view leisure as an important part of their lifestyle, South Western Insurance Group Limited’s Elite Book has everything they need. And while the insurance policies involved may be relatively standard, the range of options provided makes the Elite collection of ...


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