Regulated Healthcare Professionals and Non-Regulated Healthcare Practitioners: What Brokers Need to Know

Sep 2019

There are approximately 25 regulated healthcare professionals and over 350 non-regulated healthcare practitioners. With the healthcare industry rapidly changing and expanding, professionals and practitioners need comprehensive insurance coverage that can account for the many complicated risks ...

SWGPROPERTY - Commercial Property: Ecclesiastical Insurance: Protecting Places of Worship with Specialized Coverage

Sep 2019

In a recent story covered by Global News*, parishioners arrived at St. Joseph’s Church in Mission, B.C. for Sunday morning service to find its doors and walls covered in graffiti. For the church’s staff, petty crimes like this are a common occurrence. In the last six months St. Joseph’s had been ...

SWGPL - Professional Liability: Tattoos and Piercings Still On the Rise in Canada

Aug 2019

It was a customer’s worst nightmare. Shortly after getting ink done at a shop in Halifax, Lisa O’Quinn noticed little bumps cropping up on her skin. Then, she noticed swelling and abnormally intense pain. When she went to her doctor, he told her that had she waited it out, they might have needed to ...

Addressing the Urgent Need for Better Pollution Liability Coverage

Aug 2019

Environmental pollution is a growing liability As more Canadians sue companies and the government to fight climate change, recent news reports are filled with stories of high-stakes pollution claims. Among the most recent rulings came from a $24.3 million lawsuit by an oil and gas company against ...

SWG SECURE- Security Services Insurance - How Secure is Secure?

Jul 2019

Brokers who provide policies for security services businesses need insurance coverage rarely offered by traditional insurers. More than just one type of service, the security services industry insurance encompasses a wide range of coverage requirements from: Security guards Private ...

SWG ELITE - High-Value Homes: Making Sure Their Biggest Investment is Well Protected

Jul 2019

The high-value homes market segment is rapidly expanding. The clients who purchase coverage are typically known for their loyalty to the insurance professionals who work on their behalf. They’re also people who have worked hard for their properties and are willing to pay a premium to ensure they’re ...


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