Brokers: Be Prepared for the Beauty Industry’s 120% Appointment Surge

Sep 2021

Having struggled with beauty maintenance at home for months, Canadians are more appreciative than ever of their stylists and aestheticians, according to recent statistics. Business Wire reports that personal care appointments have increased 120% across Canada since the industry reopened. (1)

Canadian Schools Reach for New Commercial Property Solutions for Returning Students

Aug 2021

As university students return to school, new kinds of student housing have grown in demand. In Vancouver, quarantine housing is in high demand to accommodate the international students returning to UBC. The university has designated 160 units for self-isolation so far, and even hotel partners have provided quarantine rooms. (1)

Two Challenges Facing Faith Organizations Over the Next Five to Ten Years

Aug 2021

Faith-based places anchor and shape communities. In addition to fulfilling their spiritual mission, they serve as prominent physical landmarks and symbols of collective heritage, and have been gathering places for generations.

4 Trends to Watch in D&O

Aug 2021

D&O is one of many commercial lines in a hard market. From 2004 to 2019, the line of business had soft market conditions, when rates continuously decreased as a result of the high capacity in the market. Eventually, losses began to mount as insurers continued writing the line and many markets have ceased writing D&O completely.

Covering Hard-to-Place Markets: Pet Care Product Manufacturers

Aug 2021

People love their pets. As trusted companions and family members, they rely on us for their health and well-being. Pet owners are, therefore, as concerned about the quality and safety of their pet food as they are about the food they eat themselves.

Are Your Hospitality Clients Prepared for Patio Season?

Jul 2021

As the hospitality industry in Canada reopens its doors, patios are also beginning to open. Several weeks of pleasant weather are still ahead of us, so you should ask restaurants, hotels, and pubs about their insurance coverage while the summer is still in full swing.