SWG ELITE: Keeping Clients Summer-Ready with Personal Lines Insurance

Mar 2021

After a long winter, spring is finally coming and this means summer is not far off. Anxious from spending the cold months cooped up and socially distanced in their homes, Canadians are itching to get outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, and feel the warm sunlight on their skin.

SWG SECURE: Protecting Canada’s Surveillance Specialists

Mar 2021

Since the late 1960s, the private law enforcement industry has grown more than tenfold. Careers in private law enforcement were rated among “the 30 best-paying fast-track careers.” In recent years, the private investigator industry grew by 33.6% in Ontario as police careers in the province shrank by 6.8%. (1) Private investigation is a growing industry, offering stability and numerous employment opportunities - particularly in Ontario.

Broker Education: Concurrent Duty to Defend

Mar 2021

Suppose a municipality (“the City”) rents a hockey rink at a community center to a local hockey club and minor hockey association for a minor league game. During this game, a young boy is injured by a stray hockey puck while watching from the stands. The young boy’s guardian then sues both the City and the national hockey association for the child’s broken jaw and associated pain and suffering.

SWG ENVIRO: On-Site Protection with Premises Environmental Liability

Mar 2021

Premises Environmental Liability is designed to protect against both “sudden and accidental” and “gradual” pollution events, which are fairly broad terms. Here’s what each term means.

Specialized PL Prepares Software Developers for the Unexpected

Mar 2021

Canada has a robust and pervasive software development industry. Cities currently attracting a high number of software engineers include Ottawa, Waterloo, Toronto, Calgary, Mississauga, and Vancouver. Canadian developers work in organizations ranging from startups and government agencies to publicly-traded corporations. They also work in a variety of different industries, from information and communications technology (ICT), to finance, to media and education, to healthcare. According to a 2017 Annual Developer Survey, 16.7% of software development organization types were sole proprietorships or partnerships, not in startup mode; 22.1% were publicly-traded corporations, and 36.3% were privately-held limited companies, not in startup mode. (1)

SWG SPECIALTY: STERLON Legal Expense Insurance

Feb 2021

If your client has insurance through South Western Group, the addition of Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) can provide them with affordable and timely access to legal services should they ever need to defend or pursue a lawsuit for the risks specified in the LEI policy.