SWG PROPERTY: Commercial Property - Insuring Hotel and Motel Properties for the Holidays and Beyond

Dec 2019

Hotels and motels need property protection in the event of a storm, flooding, landlord disputes, equipment/system breakdowns, or damages due to theft or unfortunate accidents, to name a few. Weather-related power outages, blizzards, ice storms, and other intense weather events can not only damage property but also interrupt business. Since hotels and motels rely on a physical location, any damage from accidents, bad weather, or other common occurrences can incur major losses if customers cancel or business operations are compromised. So, it’s a good idea for these businesses to prepare for intense weather and catastrophic events, even though they occur rarely.

SWG PL: Event Planners - Helping Events Professionals Cover All the Details

Dec 2019

Planning for holiday events, conferences, and concerts are in full swing, and those in the event planning industry need savvy brokers on their side. The right insurance coverage can not only protect a firm from financial ruin, but it can also improve their business’ image as a trustworthy company to prospective clients.

SWG PROPERTY - Retail Stores: Opening the Doors to Complete Protection for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Dec 2019

Retail stores continue to be a vital part of this country’s economy despite a slowing market. In 2018, 30 international brands made their debut in Canada by opening standalone stores. (1) Though business owners create a welcoming and safe environment for their customers and employees, loss events can and do still happen. South Western Group’s Property insurance provides coverage for the real estate owned by these businesses, plus other business property such as inventory, furniture, and fixtures. For rented or leased property, this insurance also provides coverage for improvements to the space.

Excess & Umbrella: Adding More Liability Insurance Could Save Your Client’s Business

Nov 2019

As claims costs skyrocket, many Canadian markets are facing increased risk of financial hardship. Commercial transportation clients, for instance, are feeling the squeeze with court cases on the rise from accidents causing bodily injuries, theft of goods, and internet fraud. (1) With the frequency and increasing severity of losses in the shipping and transport industry, commercial transportation clients are just one example of Canadian businesses who will benefit from increased risk and legal expense litigation.

A Good Submission is in the Details: 7 Tips for a Successful and Speedy Quote

Nov 2019

Want to get the best coverage possible for your client, plus shave time and back-and-forth off the application process? The golden rule of submissions is “the more information provided up front, the better”. Having underwritten for a range of markets over the years, South Western Insurance Group knows that submissions can be a tedious chore for brokers. Unfortunately, this chore is made more tedious when brokers submit applications with overlooked details, missing receipts, and skipped text boxes.

SWG HOST- Hospitality Insurance Services: Serving Peace of Mind for the Holidays

Nov 2019

'Tis the season for organization-sponsored events at restaurants, clubs, bars, taverns, hotels, and pubs. And during this season of fun and festivities, commercial hosts have many reasons to be wary - especially where alcohol is made available.


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