SWG PL: IT/Tech - Why Digital Service Providers Need Specialized Insurance

Oct 2020

The need for cyber coverage continues to grow among businesses in the IT sector. According to a report in the CNBC last year, cyberattacks are now costing businesses an average of $200,000. 60 percent of these companies go out of business within six months of a digital incident. (1)

SWG CGL: Understanding Wholesalers Insurance Requirements

Sep 2020

Is your client a product middleman? Wholesalers have specific insurance requirements and need a tailored policy that covers all the risk factors to their property, products, employees, equipment, and vehicles.

SWG Property - Commercial Property: Rented Dwellings

Sep 2020

If your client owns a rental property for income or investment purposes, they need insurance protection that is tailored to their individual risks. South Western Group provides trusted coverage for this specific class of commercial property owners. Our policy can protect their investment from financial loss resulting from liability, theft, fire, property damage, vandalism and more.

SWG ENVIRO: Contractor's Liability

Sep 2020

SWG has supported this sector for many years and provides a bespoke Environmental Insurance solution to contractors of all sizes in sectors ranging from asbestos and mould abatement to waste collection, transportation, and treatment.

SWG Secure: Security Services Businesses

Sep 2020

Canadian security services companies are responsible for protecting people and property, and for these agencies to operate effectively, they need savvy brokers on their side.

SWG Specialty: How Your Clients Can Benefit from Fiduciary Bonds

Sep 2020

Fiduciary bonds, also known as commercial surety bonds are one of the most common types of surety bonds in Canada. They serve as a legal instrument, protecting beneficiaries, heirs and creditors when a fiduciary fails to perform honestly or competently. So, what exactly is a fiduciary?