SWG ENVIRO: Contractor's Liability

Sep 2020

SWG has supported this sector for many years and provides a bespoke Environmental Insurance solution to contractors of all sizes in sectors ranging from asbestos and mould abatement to waste collection, transportation, and treatment.

SWG Secure: Security Services Businesses

Sep 2020

Canadian security services companies are responsible for protecting people and property, and for these agencies to operate effectively, they need savvy brokers on their side.

SWG Specialty: How Your Clients Can Benefit from Fiduciary Bonds

Sep 2020

Fiduciary bonds, also known as commercial surety bonds are one of the most common types of surety bonds in Canada. They serve as a legal instrument, protecting beneficiaries, heirs and creditors when a fiduciary fails to perform honestly or competently. So, what exactly is a fiduciary?

SWG PL - Tips for Insuring Business Consultants

Aug 2020

Business consultants help organizations improve their business goals, whether it’s better financial performance, improved workflows, increased sales, or making strategic changes in operations and procedures. They do this by making recommendations after performing thorough analysis of the company’s organizational weaknesses and then developing plans for improvement.

SWG PL: Why Tattoo & Piercing Studios Need Specialized Insurance Coverage

Aug 2020

With many cities across the country entering stage 3 of the pandemic, tattoo shops and piercing studios are waiting on official guidelines to find out what they will and won't need to do in order to reopen.

SWG and International Programs Group Provide Top-Notch Claims Services

Aug 2020

Here at the South Western Group (SWG), we take our claims very seriously. That’s why we choose to align with International Programs Group (IPG). Partnering with IPG allows us to maximize our efficiency and understand our business more fully. All the benefits reaped from this partnership end up going directly to you, our Brokers and your clients (the Insureds). We’re about to tell you a little more about IPG and how partnering with them delivers the best claim experience for our clients.


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