Covering Hard-to-Place Markets: Pet Care Product Manufacturers

Aug 2021

People love their pets. As trusted companions and family members, they rely on us for their health and well-being. Pet owners are, therefore, as concerned about the quality and safety of their pet food as they are about the food they eat themselves.

Are Your Hospitality Clients Prepared for Patio Season?

Jul 2021

As the hospitality industry in Canada reopens its doors, patios are also beginning to open. Several weeks of pleasant weather are still ahead of us, so you should ask restaurants, hotels, and pubs about their insurance coverage while the summer is still in full swing.

SWG PROPERTY: Insuring Commercial Property

Jul 2021

A commercial property is generally any property that is not solely residential. As such, even a mixed-use property that is intended for residential and commercial purposes can still be considered commercial. It can include buildings ranging from a large shopping mall to a small standalone office. Even community buildings like churches or schools are considered commercial, though they are considered special-purpose buildings.

SWG PL: E&O for Paralegal Offices

Jul 2021

The Law Society Act, Insurance Act, and the Solicitors Act were all amended in 2016 as a result of arguments from insurers regarding disclosure of how lawyers' and paralegals' fees are calculated. (1) Once passed into law that same year, Bill 12 required that any fee agreement with a lawyer or paralegal disclose how the fee is calculated. Disclosures must be easy for the consumer to understand and prominent.

SWG PL: 4 Types of Employment Agencies And How to Insure Them

Jul 2021

Recruiters are tasked with the challenge of vetting and recommending the right candidates for employers across a variety of industries. At the same time, they must also satisfy job-seekers looking for career opportunities that match their goals and experience. Whether their clients are hiring companies or individual job-seekers, recruiters must ensure they represent candidates accurately to avoid a costly lawsuit.

SWG: Secure - Positive Industry Outlook Calls for Coverage

Jun 2021

Security companies provide private security guards, patrol vehicles, as well as additional services such as alarm systems, cybersecurity, background checks, investigation, risk analysis, and security consulting. Security companies often offer more than just basic security guards, including specially-trained security guards equipped with first aid, CPR, fire watch, and alarm response, as well as other security services, including surveillance devices, patrols, and more.