SWGEnviro Environmental Pollution Insurance (Premises Environmental Liability)

Aug 2022

Legislative changes to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act could have an impact on pollution liability in the near future. Canada introduced in the Senate the Strengthening Environmental Protection for a Healthier Canada Act in February 2022, in which the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) will be modernized for the first time in twenty years. This update will also include related amendments to the Food and Drugs Act. (1)

Mitigating Design Risks for Architects & Engineers

Apr 2022

From supply and demand fluctuations to new types of project delivery, the commercial construction industry is changing constantly. Besides the normal pressures of a complex building project on a tight timeline, added external pressures can impact the successful execution of construction projects. Regardless of who was at fault, seemingly minute mistakes can be costly and even lead to a lawsuit.

Travel Agents Need PL Insurance as Restrictions Roll Back

Apr 2022

As the federal government eases COVID-19 travel restrictions, making it easier for travellers to get insurance, travel agents can expect business to pick up again in the near future.

SWG for Landscapers

Apr 2022

Our horticulture industry is an important part of Canada's food supply, economic growth, and environmental protection. As the horticulture industry plays a vital role in a sustainable future, the Government of Canada is supporting and promoting Canada's vibrant ornamental horticulture sector.

Help Prepare Arborists for Storm Season

Apr 2022

Damaged or downed trees can make spring a busy and dangerous time for arborists. In Canada, October through April are the windiest months, with winds averaging 11.4 miles per hour. In March of this year, the weatherman predicted wind gusts of up to 100 km/h in Toronto, Ontario.

SWG SECURE: Home Monitoring

Mar 2022

Canadian security companies offer a range of personal, technical, and digital services to protect people and property. Based on deep security industry expertise, South Western Group provides tailored coverage across the board - from installers to manufacturers to security guards and private investigators. SWG provides specialized coverage for home monitoring systems as a submarket within the security industry.