SWG PL: Media/Multimedia - PL For PR

Dec 2020

Public relations consultants wear many hats. From brand management, to media management, to event management, PR agencies assume ownership over multiple facets of their clients’ corporate identity and public image. With so much going on, it’s hard to keep track of it all, which is why the risk of a mistake is a big concern for these professionals. And, of course, PR consultants put the reputation of their clients on the line as well as their own. If the consultant makes a mistake, the client will expect recompense.

SWG PL - Dog Groomer’s Insurance? We Cover That

Dec 2020

Dog grooming has incurred a challenged reputation recently, but many dedicated new businesses are thriving in spite of a cautious public. In a recent story from Kamloops, BC, one young professionally-trained groomer opened her new business in the same facility where a previous grooming salon had been shut down over a lawsuit against the owner. The previous groomer had been charged with two counts of causing unnecessary pain or suffering to an animal. Realising that many would-be customers would perhaps mistake her business for the former one, the new groomer knew she would need to win the trust of wary pet owners. (1)

SWG ENVIRO: Premises - 4 Pollution Liabilities Most Occupiers Don’t Know About

Nov 2020

If your client is skeptical about whether they need Premises Environmental Liability Insurance, this article contains some compelling reasons why they should. Many property owners don’t consider environmental pollution when they get insurance, and don’t realize their current policy excludes it. In addition, many who already have some kind of environmental policy don’t realize they should enhance it.

SWG ENVIRO - From Cold To Mould: How Construction Contractors Can Prevent Environmental Pollution This Winter

Nov 2020

In November 2019, a couple launched an $11-million lawsuit against a Calgary home builder after they claimed leakage and mould issues contributed to the death of their 24-year-old daughter and left them feeling unsafe.

SWG PL: Coverage for Civil Engineers

Nov 2020

Recent trends in professional liability for civil engineers show some startling shifts. Once upon a time, professional liability was limited to errors and omissions, or, negligence in the performance of an engineer assignment. But today, civil engineers are facing claims from a broader range of exposures, from job site safety to defects in reports.

SWG PL: 6 Common Reasons Graphic Designers Need Professional Liability Insurance

Nov 2020

A common misconception among graphic designers and other digitally-based professionals is that working with a contract will cover all their professional liabilities.


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