Need Storage Tank Pollution Coverage? SWG Will Consider Any Age and Construction Type

Apr 2020

Since 2008, the Canadian government has introduced new regulations to help reduce the risk of releases of oil and gas products. At the time, 15% of active storage tank systems were more than 20 years old and had no leak detection, corrosion protection, or structure to contain leaks and spills. (1)

Temporary Vacancy Permit notice to our Brokers

Apr 2020

Be advised in regards to the ongoing concerns related to the coronavirus, Three Holdings Inc. has initiated its Business Continuity Plan successfully and all South Western Group, MedThree and Optisure offices remain open for business.

SWG CGL - Excess & Umbrella Stops Coverage Problems Before They Start

Apr 2020

One of the greatest challenges facing the auto parts manufacturing industry right now are labour gaps. According to a 2019 report, the manufacturing industry suffers globally from a widening skills gap, and this problem is largely caused by market fluctuations and changes in the availability of skilled artisans. (1)

SWG Elite - Cottages: Insuring An Evolving Market

Mar 2020

Across Canada, recreational properties are seeing a steady increase in price year after year a 2017-2019 study finds. In fact, prices and inventory in this market are rising in most provinces with the exception of Saskatchewan and Alberta. The same survey also showed that Millennials are increasingly in the market to buy cabins, cottages, and other recreational properties. (1)

SWG Property - Commercial Property: Protecting Places of Worship with Specialized Coverage

Mar 2020

On a sunny morning in the spring of 2019, parishioners arrived at St. Joseph’s Church in Mission, B.C. for Sunday morning service to find its doors and walls covered in graffiti. (1) For the church’s staff, petty crimes like this are a common occurrence. In the last six months St. Joseph’s had been vandalised twice, had suffered break-ins, and had donation box money stolen.


Mar 2020

As the spread of COVID-19 grows across our country, Three Holdings Inc. and our operating companies, South Western Insurance Group, MedThree Insurance Group, and Optisure, have taken precautions to limit the exposure of this virus to our staff, their families, our valued clients, guests, stakeholders, supply chain, and the communities in which they live and work. In doing so, we have closed all of our physical offices as part of the social distancing protocols recommended by the Chief Medical Officers at both the Federal and Provincial levels.


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