SWG SECURE: Home Monitoring

Mar 2022

Canadian security companies offer a range of personal, technical, and digital services to protect people and property. Based on deep security industry expertise, South Western Group provides tailored coverage across the board - from installers to manufacturers to security guards and private investigators. SWG provides specialized coverage for home monitoring systems as a submarket within the security industry.


Mar 2022

Food trucks are the lifeblood of any city, attracting tourists and revitalizing neighbourhoods. But with the pandemic and fluctuating oil prices and permit fees, many vendors are feeling the strain. Businesses like the one in Winnipeg are now seeking government assistance to cover the costs of losing significant revenue due to the pandemic. (1) In addition to fee cuts, specialized insurance coverage can be lifesaving for these businesses during unexpected crises.

SWG Property: Rented Dwellings

Mar 2022

Brokers in the commercial property market should look to Ontario for new business opportunities in rented housing insurance. Vacant houses are on the rise in Toronto and on the decline in Vancouver, according to a new analysis of census data.

SWG Secure: Alarm Installers

Mar 2022

There are many reasons to install an alarm system in a home or business. Installing alarm systems is a security measure and a way to reduce insurance premiums.

SWG PL: Para Legal Offices

Mar 2022

Did you know paralegals and legal assistants are one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada? Job Bank Canada found that paralegal jobs are expected to grow by approximately 14,200 in the next 8 to 10 years thanks to expansion, replacement, school leavers, immigration and mobility in provinces such as British Columbia, Quebec and Saskatchewan. (1)

SWG SPECIALTY: STERLON Legal Expense Insurance (LEI)

Feb 2022

Whether your client is a business owner or an individual professional, the chance of being involved in a lawsuit is ever-present. It's not surprising, then, that insurers have developed a way to respond to the possibility of being sued: legal expense insurance.