Benefit of decades of experience

Mar 2018

Although there is lots of business for insurance brokers in the security services marketplace, you need a key formula that works for the benefit of the insured, as well as the knowledge to tackle a diverse market becoming oversaturated with providers like alarm installers. South West Group has ...

Clearing the air on pollution

Mar 2018

Although pollution liability remains largely misunderstood by many commercial enterprises, it should be a priority for any organization that operates with or near natural resources. “Pollution Liability may be confusing to some of our clients,” said Trisha Teoh, senior underwriter, South Western ...

The coverage contractors need

Mar 2018

Although contractors may overlook environmental policies when buying insurance, anyone who works in oil and gas, landscaping, drilling and demolition should consider this critical coverage. Although South Western Group ...

The future of environmental liability

Mar 2018

Although insurance is an ever-evolving industry, insightful professionals have an idea of where certain coverages are headed – and for environmental liability, that’s towards widely adopted, customized policies. “With the government getting more involved with regulations, contractual obligations ...

Boozy business: nightlife underwriting then and now

Mar 2018

Bars and taverns may have dotted the streets of Canadian towns and cities for centuries, but the specialty market that backs them has seen demonstrable changes in as little as a few decades. Doreen Teoh, senior underwriter with South Western Insurance Group Ltd., has been in the industry for over ...

Legally blond ale: the coverage that brokers use to win over nightlife clients

Mar 2018

Simple legal matters such as wrongful dismissal claims have the potential to drain Canadian businesses of $250,000+ in legal fees and damage awards, which often forces enterprises to cease operations indefinitely. This is why it’s imperative that Canadian enterprises remain protected against ...


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