SWG PL: 6 Common Reasons Graphic Designers Need Professional Liability Insurance

Nov 2020

A common misconception among graphic designers and other digitally-based professionals is that working with a contract will cover all their professional liabilities.

SWG Property: Faith Organizations - Is Your Client's Ministry Building Winter-Ready?

Oct 2020

Today, most faith organizations provide extensive services while operating on a very limited budget. Most face the complex challenge of taking on an expanded role in their communities with far fewer resources.

The 4 Cs of Submissions

Oct 2020

An incomplete application inhibits an accurate quote, and without an accurate quote, you’re less likely to get the kind of coverage that checks off all your client’s boxes or reflects the best possible pricing. Plus, trying to cut corners on the submission process ends up creating more back-and-forth between the broker and the underwriter.

SWG PL: Miscellaneous - 15 Industries You (Probably) Didn’t Know We Cover

Oct 2020

In Canada, 70 percent of the workforce is employed by small and medium sized businesses, a significant portion of which comprise professional service providers. (1) These hardworking entrepreneurial professionals provide specialist knowledge to their clients, relying on their professionalism and quality of service to build them a solid reputation over time.

SWG PL: IT/Tech - Why Digital Service Providers Need Specialized Insurance

Oct 2020

The need for cyber coverage continues to grow among businesses in the IT sector. According to a report in the CNBC last year, cyberattacks are now costing businesses an average of $200,000. 60 percent of these companies go out of business within six months of a digital incident. (1)

SWG CGL: Understanding Wholesalers Insurance Requirements

Sep 2020

Is your client a product middleman? Wholesalers have specific insurance requirements and need a tailored policy that covers all the risk factors to their property, products, employees, equipment, and vehicles.