Here’s How SWG PL - E&O Can Protect Collection Agencies

May 2020

Collection agencies are establishments that exist for the sole purpose of collecting overdue payments for claims and remitting these payments to their clients. The agency essentially takes over the responsibility of contacting the debtor to make, or enforce, payment arrangements.

SWG PL - IT Technology

Apr 2020

Since reporting data breaches became mandatory in Canada two years ago, studies have reported an increasing number of incidents, both large corporations and small- and medium-sized businesses year after year.

SWG Property - Rooming Houses Covers More than Just Student Housing

Apr 2020

The face of the rooming house market is changing. In the end of the twentieth century, rooming houses were mostly situated in urban centres. There, they tended to be occupied by low-income tenants who had few housing options due to disability or addiction. Today, rooming and boarding houses are cropping up in suburban areas to accommodate immigrant families and university students. (1) According to Statistics Canada, there were over 1,200 rooming and boarding house businesses in the country in 2019, with an average revenue of more than $326 thousand. (2)

Need Storage Tank Pollution Coverage? SWG Will Consider Any Age and Construction Type

Apr 2020

Since 2008, the Canadian government has introduced new regulations to help reduce the risk of releases of oil and gas products. At the time, 15% of active storage tank systems were more than 20 years old and had no leak detection, corrosion protection, or structure to contain leaks and spills. (1)

Temporary Vacancy Permit notice to our Brokers

Apr 2020

Be advised in regards to the ongoing concerns related to the coronavirus, Three Holdings Inc. has initiated its Business Continuity Plan successfully and all South Western Group, MedThree and Optisure offices remain open for business.

SWG CGL - Excess & Umbrella Stops Coverage Problems Before They Start

Apr 2020

One of the greatest challenges facing the auto parts manufacturing industry right now are labour gaps. According to a 2019 report, the manufacturing industry suffers globally from a widening skills gap, and this problem is largely caused by market fluctuations and changes in the availability of skilled artisans. (1)