South Western Insurance and Lloyd’s of London - A Long-Standing Partnership

Mar 2018

Founded in 1686, Lloyd’s of London boasts an extensive history as a syndicate-driven insurance marketplace. And as one of the first MGAs in Canada to tap into that marketplace, South Western Insurance has sustained a decidedly productive relationship with Lloyd’s for well over forty years. “In a ...

What brokers need to know about D&O

Mar 2018

Most large multinational corporations have been well aware of the value of comprehensive D&O coverage for some time. Providing adequate protection against the consequences of actual or alleged “wrongful acts” committed by managers when at work is essential, not just from a financial standpoint ...

Why it’s essential for brokers to work with an E&O specialist

Mar 2018

Having access to quality E&O insurance products is a necessity for any broker who is determined to provide a full-service offering to the clients. As well as providing coverage against claims made by clients for inadequate work or negligent actions, E&O products can cover against copyright ...

Brokers, here’s how to choose an intermediary

Mar 2018

Working with an expert wholesale intermediary who can service a range of markets and niches is a real game change for insurance brokers. For brokers, knowing they have an experienced and specialized professional on the end of the phone or email helps create peace of mind. Working with a top level ...

D&O and E&O: important weapons in every broker’s arsenal

Mar 2018

While the importance of professional liability and E&O insurance has been realized by most Canadian organizations for some time now, knowledge around D&O products has taken longer to seep into the national consciousness. Most large multinational corporations have been well versed in the ...

Insurance requirements for security services

Mar 2018

Security services industry insurance is designed to encompass a wide range of coverage requirements from security guards, private investigators, alarm installers and monitoring stations, to CCTV installation, sprinkler contractors and fire alarm services. Security guards have also seen a lot of ...


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