Why MedThree is Your One-Stop Shop for Senior Care Coverage

Mar 2019

If you are looking for Senior Care coverage, South Western Insurance Group Limited’s sister company - MedThree Insurance Group - is your one-stop shop for the wide range of risks unique to this class. Long-term care clients, retirement homes, and assisted living facilities, says senior ...

MedThree Answers Your FAQs: Senior Care Liability Policies

Mar 2019

MedThree’s comprehensive Senior Care Liability package is specifically designed to tackle most, if not all of the exposures faced by senior care facilities. “Senior care homes are typically exposed to both General Liability and Professional Liability risks,” explains underwriter Trevor Wade. “But ...

Who is IPG? Meet the Company Behind South Western’s Claims Handling Process

Mar 2019

The International Programs Group (IPG) has been operating as an independent third-party administrator since 2008. Under Managing Director Patrick Scott’s leadership, the organization has grown from a handful of dedicated individuals to some 90 employees working out of three national offices. ...

4 Keys to Unlocking Faster CGL Submission Turnaround Time

Mar 2019

Thanks in large part to a long-term relationship with Lloyds of London, South Western Insurance Group Limited has been making commercial liability coverage available to a broad range of classes for many years. The company offers CGL protection in conjunction with errors & omissions coverage, ...

Responsive and Responsible Coverage: South Western and MedThree Explore the Implications of a Legionella Outbreak

Feb 2019

A cluster of at least seven cases of Legionnaires’ disease struck the Surrey area of British Columbia last September. Although the Fraser Health Authority was unable to confirm the source of the outbreak at the time, Legionella bacteria were discovered in the cooling towers of a local Walmart ...

Why Take Chances with Medical Malpractice When You Can Call on a Specialist?

Feb 2019

South Western Insurance Group Limited’s sister company, MedThree Insurance Group, has been underwriting complex medical malpractice risks since the firm’s launch in 2014. While other MGAs dabble in healthcare, 90% of MedThree’s business revolves around medical malpractice insurance – making them ...


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