Brokers, are you aware of these major senior care challenges?

Oct 2018

Like any niche market, senior care facilities pose several challenges for the insurance professionals that service them. Knowing the challenges that may lie ahead can keep brokers ahead of the curve and ready for the expected and the unexpected. Especially in a market where insurance pricing is ...

South Western’s Collection of Specialty Products is Growing – But They Haven’t Abandoned Their Roots!

Oct 2018

South Western Insurance Group Limited’s reputation as the go-to source for specialty products is growing. But despite their niche capability inside classes and segments ranging from security services to hospitality to pollution, the company remains true to its roots as a multi-line entity – one ...

Risk through diversity

Oct 2018

With the security services industry becoming saturated, providers are forced to diversify to remain competitive in their industry. But this diversity exposes service providers to greater risks. Guards may offer parking enforcement. Private Investigators may handle process serving. But the ...

The biggest risks in senior care

Oct 2018

According to estimates by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Canadians spend approximately $33 billion a year to care for aging parents, and, as the nation’s aging population grows, the need for senior care facilities will continue to grow with it. Senior care facilities face a variety of ...

Need D&O? South Western’s Appetite is as Broad as Their Coverage

Oct 2018

Directors and officers of both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations can sleep better at night, thanks to South Western Insurance Group Limited’s D&O liability coverage. The company’s customized insurance package, says senior liability underwriter Bessy Allen, does far more than just ...

Liquor liability: covering pub crawls, beer tents and martini bars

Sep 2018

; Opening a bar or nightclub is often considered a risky business, but there is no doubt that some ventures are riskier than others: a discotheque catered to the university crowd, for example, may routinely face a wide range of insurance claims that an upscale martini bar never encounters. This ...


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