SWGPROPERTY - Commercial Property: How You Can Help Ontario Campground Owners Prevent Liability This Summer

May 2019

Summer is right around the corner. Families are starting to enroll their kids in summer camp, and campers are itching to hit the road. Fortunately, Ontarians have much to discover in their own backyard - our province offers more than 330 of the one thousand plus Provincial and Territorial Parks in ...

4 Keys to Providing A&E Clients with Exceptional Service

May 2019

Clients in the architects and engineers (A&E) market need savvy brokers on their side - more than they might realise. Whether the risk of a lawsuit come from errors in the design of a project, or from failure to correct mistakes during construction, a lot can go wrong. In addition, A&E ...

What Brokers Can Do to Streamline the Professional Liability Quote Process

Apr 2019

Clients operating in a professional capacity require specialized protection against potential errors and omissions. South Western Insurance Group Limited has been providing architects, engineers, project managers, and business consultants with Professional Liability coverage for 25+ years. “Not ...

MedThree Answers Your FAQs: Senior Care Liability Coverages

Apr 2019

MedThree Insurance Group’s Senior Care Liability package has been specifically designed to safeguard clients operating in the senior care space. General Liability coverages defend against typical exposures faced by senior care residences, while the company’s Professional Liability protection is ...

Why MedThree is Your One-Stop Shop for Senior Care Coverage

Mar 2019

If you are looking for Senior Care coverage, South Western Insurance Group Limited’s sister company - MedThree Insurance Group - is your one-stop shop for the wide range of risks unique to this class. Long-term care clients, retirement homes, and assisted living facilities, says senior ...

MedThree Answers Your FAQs: Senior Care Liability Policies

Mar 2019

MedThree’s comprehensive Senior Care Liability package is specifically designed to tackle most, if not all of the exposures faced by senior care facilities. “Senior care homes are typically exposed to both General Liability and Professional Liability risks,” explains underwriter Trevor Wade. “But ...


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