SWG ENVIRO - Environmental Pollution Insurance: Filling the Gaps in the Construction Industry

Nov 2019

Construction projects are rarely neat and tidy. In fact, with long project timelines, plus the constant exposure to hazardous materials and environmental contaminants, construction projects are liability landmines. Among the major risks in the construction industry, pollution liability is a major one. It affects not only contractors but also the people and properties neighbouring the construction site.

SWGPL - Professional Liability: Why More Nonprofit Organizations Need D&O Insurance

Oct 2019

There are over 86,000 registered charities in Canada. Since a vast number of these nonprofits operate on tight budgets, many of them end up spending the bulk of their resources on operations rather than risk management. But even with human rights laws in place, the directors and officers who serve ...

SWG Specialty - Legal Expense Insurance - LEI Could Save Your Clients from Mounting Litigation Costs

Oct 2019

Court fees are climbing. A recent article from Insurance Business Magazine reported that close to 80 new court fees were introduced in Ontario earlier this year (1). This includes seemingly small increases that end up doubling the cost of certain legal services - a price many Canadian businesses ...

SWGPL - Professional Liability: 4 Keys to Better and Faster Insurance Quotes in Media/Multimedia Liability

Sep 2019

Canada’s media industry is dynamic and growing. According to PwC's Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2018-2023 (1), the total industry revenue is projected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 3.7% (compared to 2.8% last year) over the next four years. Meanwhile companies are moving from traditional to digital media, opening up new possibilities and exposures.

SWGPL Professional Liability - Saving Time with SWG’s E&O Insurance Product

Sep 2019

September 18, 2019 Breach of contract, negligence, amounts owing, providing faulty plans. These are some of the allegations being thrown back and forth in the ongoing legal dispute over the Pioneer Village subway station.(1) The $3.2 billion subway extension in Toronto’s North York district was ...

Regulated Healthcare Professionals and Non-Regulated Healthcare Practitioners: What Brokers Need to Know

Sep 2019

There are approximately 25 regulated healthcare professionals and over 350 non-regulated healthcare practitioners. With the healthcare industry rapidly changing and expanding, professionals and practitioners need comprehensive insurance coverage that can account for the many complicated risks ...


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