Specialized PL Prepares Software Developers for the Unexpected

Mar 2021

Canada has a robust and pervasive software development industry. Cities currently attracting a high number of software engineers include Ottawa, Waterloo, Toronto, Calgary, Mississauga, and Vancouver. Canadian developers work in organizations ranging from startups and government agencies to publicly-traded corporations. They also work in a variety of different industries, from information and communications technology (ICT), to finance, to media and education, to healthcare. According to a 2017 Annual Developer Survey, 16.7% of software development organization types were sole proprietorships or partnerships, not in startup mode; 22.1% were publicly-traded corporations, and 36.3% were privately-held limited companies, not in startup mode. (1)

SWG SPECIALTY: STERLON Legal Expense Insurance

Feb 2021

If your client has insurance through South Western Group, the addition of Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) can provide them with affordable and timely access to legal services should they ever need to defend or pursue a lawsuit for the risks specified in the LEI policy.

SWG PL: 4 Reasons Copywriters Need Professional Liability Insurance

Feb 2021

Copywriters are diverse professional writers serving big corporations, small businesses, and agencies as freelancers or contractors. The Government of Canada website defines their role as writers who study and determine a product or service’s selling features and write the text for advertisements and commercials. (1) But their role can often extend to other services, such as writing email campaigns, internal communications, reports, ebooks, social media posts, and giving strategic marketing and branding advice.

How To Speed Up Your Submissions Process (Plus A Free Broker Tip Sheet)

Feb 2021

As a broker, you offer carefully calculated advice and counsel to your clients. But there’s a challenge. New technologies are increasing the pace and convenience of service. Now, brokers must also meet this increased need for speed, while maintaining the same quality service that clients still expect.

South Western Group Covers Accident Investigators Where They Need It Most

Feb 2021

Whether it’s a motor vehicle collision or an aviation accident, an accident can strike seemingly out of nowhere, and the causes of such accidents are rarely transparent. That’s where accident investigators come in. These professionals are called upon to handle investigation-related responsibilities at the scene, often working with police and other parties involved. They play a pivotal role in determining the accident’s cause, including determining who is at fault, gathering evidence, and reporting on findings.

Alarm Installers Get Tailored Coverage With SWG SECURE

Jan 2021

Whether people, property, or businesses, alarm systems protect what is most important to us. In light of this fact, the popularity of jobs in security is growing in Canada. A 2020 Statista Research Report shows that the market size of security services in Canada rose steadily from 5.21 to 5.4 billion US dollars from 2015 to 2020. (1) Alarm installation companies and contractors will always be in business as long as people have valuable assets and property to protect. This particular sector within the security industry comes with its own unique set of complications and risks, which is why South Western Group offers specialized coverage tailored to the needs of these businesses.