Boozy business: nightlife underwriting then and now

Mar 2018

Bars and taverns may have dotted the streets of Canadian towns and cities for centuries, but the specialty market that backs them has seen demonstrable changes in as little as a few decades. Doreen Teoh, senior underwriter with South Western Insurance Group Ltd., has been in the industry for over ...

Legally blond ale: the coverage that brokers use to win over nightlife clients

Mar 2018

Simple legal matters such as wrongful dismissal claims have the potential to drain Canadian businesses of $250,000+ in legal fees and damage awards, which often forces enterprises to cease operations indefinitely. This is why it’s imperative that Canadian enterprises remain protected against ...

Cheers to SWG: how a premiere MGA conquered hospitality

Mar 2018

There are companies willing to expand into any new line of business just to make a quick dollar. And then there’s South Western Group Insurance Group: a collection of expert managing general agents who only provide offerings where they know they can provide exemplary service. One such sector is ...

Protecting homeowners from traumatic events

Mar 2018

Making sure that our families are protected and safe from danger is the top priority for any person. But, preparing for the worst is always advisable because if a traumatic event does occur, the costs can quickly escalate. While coverages around these family-related events have typically been ...

Safeguarding wealthy homeowners against the most common claim

Mar 2018

As the real estate market continues to rise, despite a brief and muted lull, the value of property in cities across Canada continues to break records. More homeowners fall into the high-value category and, as a result, brokers have a bigger responsibility to provide access to the best products on ...

Better Technology – Better Broker Service

Feb 2018

The tremendous impact of today’s business technology translates into a huge plus for South Western Insurance Group Limited brokers. After some heavy customization work, the company transitioned its quote and bind process to a superior policy management program just over one year ago. “We ...


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