SWG Host - Forcible Ejection? We Cover That.

Jan 2020

Commercial liquor hosts are held to a high standard of responsibility for the safety of their patrons. In Canada, a patron who sustained injuries during the process of being forcibly removed from a restaurant can sue the host for Forcible Ejection. Despite this being a common legal issue, many insurance companies have a hidden Forcible Ejection exclusion, or those that do have a very low limit. That is why South Western provides this type of coverage so that brokers can present more options for mitigating exposures.

SWG Property - Upgrading Insurance Protection for Rented Dwellings

Jan 2020

Landowners are not just responsible for collecting rent payments. They are responsible for managing the upkeep, maintenance, and protection of their properties and those who enter as tenants or visitors.

SWG SECURE: Security Services Insurance is in Season

Jan 2020

Security measures have become a central concern for retail businesses, corporations, educational institutions, and other organizations as the winter season kicks into full swing. Shopping centres expect a spike in both crowds and holiday theft. Universities and colleges increase security guard presence on campus as the days get shorter. Statistics Canada reported a 14% increase in shoplifting of $5,000 or under, a 15% increase in theft over $5,000, and a 12% increase in fraud between 2017 and 2018. The number and severity of reports of fraud, including identity theft, have also been steadily increasing (46%) since 2008. (1)

SWG PL - Providing Specialized Coverage to Bookkeepers

Dec 2019

Bookkeepers and accountants are trusted with handling the sensitive and detailed financial information of their customers. Whether at fault or not, a bookkeeping professional can find themselves in legal hot water with their clients. With thousands of professionals being sued every year in Canada, no bookkeeper is completely safe from being sued by one of their clients.

SWG CGL - Supporting Businesses to Run Smoothly in 2020

Dec 2019

SWG CGL - Commercial General Liability helps contractors and owners of small and large businesses safeguard their operations with insurance coverage no business should go without. It protects business owners from financial loss should their business be held responsible for third party damages both on and off the premises, for property damage, and personal injury caused by services, operations, or employees. Whether service store owners, office professionals or wholesalers, commercial general liability insurance coverages can be customized to protect your client against the unique risks and exposures they face.

SWG PROPERTY: Commercial Property - Insuring Hotel and Motel Properties for the Holidays and Beyond

Dec 2019

Hotels and motels need property protection in the event of a storm, flooding, landlord disputes, equipment/system breakdowns, or damages due to theft or unfortunate accidents, to name a few. Weather-related power outages, blizzards, ice storms, and other intense weather events can not only damage property but also interrupt business. Since hotels and motels rely on a physical location, any damage from accidents, bad weather, or other common occurrences can incur major losses if customers cancel or business operations are compromised. So, it’s a good idea for these businesses to prepare for intense weather and catastrophic events, even though they occur rarely.


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