Announcement Anastasia Botchkarev

Sep 2022

Announcement Anastasia Botchkarev, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Not-for-Profit / Charity

Sep 2022

The Canadian charity and not-for-profit sectors are a vital part of the Canadian economic fabric, and make a significant impact on the lives of Canadians. Canada is one of the largest, and most active supporters of not-for-profit, charity and volunteer sectors in the world.

Commercial Heritage

Sep 2022

Understanding the complications associated with calculating the complexities of damage and/or replacement cost value for heritage properties and structures requires specialized experience.

This important base of knowledge can alleviate what are often tragic outcomes of insufficient insurance, determining appropriate insurance, replacement costs, actual cash value, etc., that complicate coverage in evolving times. Canadian Heritage and its portfolio organizations play a vital role in the cultural, civic and economic life of Canadians. Culture and heritage represent more than $57 billion in the Canadian economy and close to 673,000 jobs in sectors such as film and video, broadcasting, music, publishing, archives, performing, heritage institutions, festivals and celebrations.

Tattooists, Piercers & Customers: Know the Risks - for All

Aug 2022

Tattoos, piercings, and scarification have been around for thousands of years and are seen by many as a way to express oneself. They may also be used culturally to show status. However, it is necessary to understand the health risks associated with these types of body modifications with the line-ups forming in this growing billion dollar industry.

SWGEnviro Environmental Pollution Insurance (Premises Environmental Liability)

Aug 2022

Legislative changes to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act could have an impact on pollution liability in the near future. Canada introduced in the Senate the Strengthening Environmental Protection for a Healthier Canada Act in February 2022, in which the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) will be modernized for the first time in twenty years. This update will also include related amendments to the Food and Drugs Act. (1)

Mitigating Design Risks for Architects & Engineers

Apr 2022

From supply and demand fluctuations to new types of project delivery, the commercial construction industry is changing constantly. Besides the normal pressures of a complex building project on a tight timeline, added external pressures can impact the successful execution of construction projects. Regardless of who was at fault, seemingly minute mistakes can be costly and even lead to a lawsuit.