Your Pub, Bar and Club Clients are Covered

Apr 2023

A gentle reminder that SWG is able to cover your pub, bar and club clients with alcohol sales over 35%, up to 100%, so long as we have identified there is sufficient food options for the patrons.

Time to break out the marshmallows and sleeping bags, are your clients covered?

Apr 2023

As we head into the spring and summer months, camping season is just around the corner. For many families and individuals, camping is a favorite pastime and an opportunity to spend time in nature with loved ones. However, with the rise in popularity of camping, it's important to ensure that your clients who own campgrounds are adequately protected with comprehensive insurance coverage.

Specialty Solution for Restaurants With Up To 35% Liquor Sales

Apr 2023

As an insurance broker, you understand that restaurant owners face a wide range of risks on a daily basis. There are many potential liabilities that can lead to costly legal battles and damage to a restaurant's reputation. That's why it's essential for restaurant owners to have the right insurance coverage to protect their businesses.

SWG: Allied Health: Infectious Disease Liability

Mar 2023

Infectious diseases are a constant threat to public health, and with recent events we have all been made acutely aware of the potential impact that a sudden rise in the number of disease cases can have on business continuity and societal norms. With this rise, it has become increasingly important for your clients to protect themselves against potential liability claims related to these outbreaks.

Ice and Snow Removal

Jan 2023

Personal injury lawsuits have increased dramatically in recent years, especially in Ontario where personal injury law firms have been working on a contingency basis, which means that lawyers agree to only receive payment if they win a settlement.

Carbon Offset

Jan 2023

As many of you may not be aware, SWG has been a paperless company for close to 25 years! We strive to be an environmentally conscientious organization and we have been actively seeking out a partnership to encourage and motivate us to address carbon-offset – and we have consummated a successful partnership!