Trending Topics in South Western Insurance Group's IT/Technology Liability Coverage!

Aug 2023

Today, we want to highlight the rapidly evolving field of IT/Technology Liability insurance and the comprehensive coverage options we offer to address the emerging risks in this sector.

Helmets First!

Jul 2023

At South Western Insurance Group (SWG), we're proud to offer comprehensive Direct & Facultative Business Solutions that cater to unique and hard-to-place products. We understand the challenges of finding suitable coverage for unconventional risks, which is why our team specializes in providing tailored insurance solutions to meet your clients' needs.

Ensuring Peace of Mind: The Importance of Insurance Coverage for Cottages

Jul 2023

With the increasing popularity of cottage ownership and the unique risks associated with these properties, it is imperative for insurance brokers to emphasize the importance of comprehensive coverage to their clients.

SWG CGL – Excess and Umbrella

Jun 2023

Excess Liability will provide additional limits when your current CGL policy limits have been exhausted.

Umbrella Liability, however, will go above and beyond Excess Liability. Providing additional protection by:

  • Drop down when an underlying policy’s aggregate limits are exhausted
  • Cover claims not included by the underlying policies

Your Pub, Bar and Club Clients are Covered

Apr 2023

A gentle reminder that SWG is able to cover your pub, bar and club clients with alcohol sales over 35%, up to 100%, so long as we have identified there is sufficient food options for the patrons.

Time to break out the marshmallows and sleeping bags, are your clients covered?

Apr 2023

As we head into the spring and summer months, camping season is just around the corner. For many families and individuals, camping is a favorite pastime and an opportunity to spend time in nature with loved ones. However, with the rise in popularity of camping, it's important to ensure that your clients who own campgrounds are adequately protected with comprehensive insurance coverage.