Adding value to clients with existing Professional Liability Coverage with CGL

Sep 2016

In the complex business world in which we live, General Liability Insurance tops the list of products necessary for the survival of Canadian businesses. If your clients have existing Professional Liability Insurance in place through South Western Group, adding our CGL coverage will not only add great value to their business but also provide them with invaluable peace of mind. Keep in mind that if E&O and CGL policies are placed with different insurers, your customers will likely have to:

  • Report the claim to two insurers
  • Deal with two adjusters
  • Participate in the investigations of the claim circumstances by both insurers
  • Wait for determination of whether either or both of the insurers will defend the claim
  • Potentially deal with two sets of counsel that have varied approaches
  • Await the outcome of both parties agreeing to a settlement

With over 50 years of experience providing professional and casualty insurance, we offer high limits for a broad range of classes including those in the higher risk category. Visit our CGL product page today to learn more and/or to download / submit an application. Why choose South Western Insurance Group? Deep Expertise: With over 55 years serving the insurance industry in a variety of verticals, our broker partners have come to rely on our team for all of their specialty insurance needs. Personalized Approach: Our experienced team of underwriters goes above and beyond to ensure that your needs are met. We are in the business of building relationships and believe in working together with our broker partners to create innovative and insurance products. Custom-tailored Specialty Products: While we do have a very broad product suite, we also have an extremely specialized focus. We fill the gap by developing comprehensive and customized coverages our broker partners require to meet the needs of their hard-to-place business clients.